2015 Update

As a RAM Tracking customer you receive all our latest system developments free of charge so you can begin reaping the benefits from the moment they are launched. Updates and/or enhancements released today include our new colour coded speeding key, postcode and driver ID reports, customisable icons and much more! Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the latest updates to ensure you understand the changes and continue to receive maximum benefit from your RAM Tracking platform.

Update Type: Email Alerts

We’ve added two all new email alerts. Firstly the alert labelled ‘first ignition of the day’ which can be located within the ‘Evolution’ section under ‘Email Alerts’ and is set up and customised the same as previously. Secondly an alert can be located with ‘User Locations’. Based around entry into a particular user location, here you can set up a radius for any location and with any entry or exit within the selected radius you’ll be notified.

Update Type: New Feature/Icons

You’ll notice we’ve added a ‘Notes’ tab to the ‘User Locations’ section allowing you to add additional information onto the system such as comments you might have regarding that specific location i.e. a code for entry or a person to contact.

We’ve also introduced a ‘centre of map’ icon within 'User Locations', which when selected will automatically zoom and centralise the chosen location to the midpoint of the map.

Within the timeline feature you can now double click on the graphical timeline bar where the activity is displayed as green [for driving] and this will display what is referred to as a ‘legend’ or key in the top right hand corner. This colour coded speeding legend/key displays the speed at which the driver was travelling and is reflected in the icon arrows features on the journey mapped. This can also be used within the Route Replay Function.

Image 1

Continuing with enhancements to the timeline feature we’ve added an all new statistics button to the far right. Hovering over this will allow you to see a daily summary reflected as percentages of driving, idling and stops – along with a total for the day. This can also be used within the Route Replay Function.

Image 2

Update Type: Feature Enhancements

We’ve now added all new customisable colours to the user location icons so you can personalise certain locations with a recognisable coloured icon.

Image 3

Within Route Replay you’ll notice that for multiple routes you now have the ability to see up 10 different colours on the screen at one time representing varying vehicle routes.

Image 4

Update Type: Reports

Located within the reporting dashboard you’ll find three new reports. Firstly our new ‘Postcode Visits’  report which is similar to that of the existing ‘Location Stops Report’ however uses a postcode of your choice as the reference point. This is available both in single and group views.

Image 5

Secondly the addition of two new ‘Driver ID Travel Reports’ with the events triggered by specific driver ID tags displayed either in date order or by a list of vehicle registrations. Both available in a single report view and show the times when the selected driver has used his driver ID fob within a vehicle.

Image 6

In order to help you get the most out of our new features and enhancements our in house training team has produced 3 all new training videos which quickly guide you through the new features. To view the September 2015 Release Videos simply click here.