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Welcome to our blog!

CEO Chris McClellan Talks Internships

In 2013 we launched the RAM Foundation, a ‘giving back’ initiative designed to support local and national charities with the provision of asset tracking, in the hope of maximising publicity and increasing donations. However an area of our business which has been less publicised in recent years is that of our passion to develop and grow our employees, as well as offer practical work experience placements and/or internships to aspiring youngsters.

RAM - Highly Commended at BusinessCar Techies Awards

We are delighted to report that RAM has been Highly Commended in the Best Telematics System category at the BusinessCar Techies Awards! The BusinessCar Techies or Fleet Technology Awards are the only fleet management related awards that reward technological innovation.

RAM - detective hero after recovering two stolen vehicles

Forget Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple, a vehicle tracking unit from the UK’s leading GPS tracking provider, RAM Tracking, is the latest detective hero after it secured the recovery of two stolen vehicles and aided police in a criminal investigation. A RAM customer was alerted when the keys to a company van and private car were stolen from their home address and quickly logged on to the online RAM Evolution system to find out the vehicle’s location.

RAM Evolution 2 Launch

Back in March we launched our new and improved settings window, with the addition of a ‘Vehicle Monitoring’ function, allowing the user to receive on screen alerts by exception. It is our mission here at RAM to continually strive to make our system even better for you, as well as ensure we keep on top of the latest advances in technology. June marks the release of our latest new features, the ‘General Settings’ window and the ‘Reporting Dashboard’.

Telematics will never become compulsory in private vehicles

Telematics will never become compulsory in British new cars as some recent reports have claimed, unless a major change in statute is made in the European Court of Human Rights. The simple reason is that without voluntary opt in, consumers will see this as a violation of their privacy and manufacturers will neither want an objection to a sale nor wish to handle the vast amounts of private data produced

Why Challenging Parking Fines Could Save us Millions

I think most people want to believe traffic wardens are doing something wrong, like giving tickets minutes before they actually should, or lurking around a corner waiting for you to leave a vehicle. Well in a weird way, it turns out this could be true.

Drive to your advantage - Can you save money with the little black box?

With the onslaught of economic gloom we’ve had thrust upon us recently, it would be unthrifty of us to pay over the odds for any service or commodity that neither provided us with a return on investment or provided no benefit in some shape or form to us personally. Emotional shopping habits can lead us into craving things that we may not need but lust for nonetheless. More and more so, we are looking to tighten the purse strings and make the most of our money.

How A GPS Tracker Can Help Any Business

There is a common misconception that tracking systems are only for businesses with large fleets of vehicles, although this is in fact not the case. Whether you own a fleet of three or three hundred, tracking can benefit all types of businesses regardless of their size or industry. So what benefits can tracking provide your business?

Brake and British Cycling team up to promote safety

Research data released at the end of last month by road safety charity Brake and British Cycling revealed that more than one in ten (13%) of cyclist collisions involve commercial vehicles. With one sixth (16%) of crashes between commercial vehicles and cyclists resulting in the cyclist being killed or seriously injured and up to one third of drivers suffer from psychological problems a year after the collision as a result, even in the case where physical injuries were minimal.

Billions needed to solve Britian's pothole problem

Last week our Headache of Britain’s Roads blog post revealed some interesting statistics regarding the increasing pothole crisis we face on UK roads. Over the last year, companies with a mobile fleet have paid out more than £215m on vehicle repairs as a result of potholes and poorly maintained road surfaces.