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Welcome to our blog!

Advantages of GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices are proven to assist businesses in optimising their fleet’s performance. Often within just days, customers see huge savings as a result of the RAM Tracking system having been installed, making all the other advantages included within the devices system, absolutely free!

The future of car technologies

In an ever-changing technologically driven world, what can we expect to see from the future of our cars? With a vehicle of any sort being essential to get around nowadays, how can we make our journeys a little more pleasant, efficient and even more thrilling? With the average car redesign taking place every seven years what should we anticipate appearing on the order forms in 2020?

Health & Safety Legislation for Mobile Workers

Employers responsibility for their employees whilst out on the road is of no less importance to if they were working within the business premises. The Health and Safety Act has resulted in the Magistrates court been granted greater sentencing powers when dealing with breaches of health and safety practices. With the courts considering the seriousness of such offences through measuring how foreseeable the risk was, the ordinariness of the breach and the origins of the responsible party, in the search of evidence to question whether or not the business in question had purposely cut corners with regards to the safety of their staff.

Drink driving the morning after

Due to a rise in drink drive convictions the morning after, and misuse of drugs, companies are now taking measures to protect themselves against any liability or insurance costs. Statistics say that 17% of drink driving prosecutions are the morning after and are on the rise, currently the British limit is 80 milligrams, Scotland have now gone to consultation to lower the limit to 50 milligrams, which falls in line with the majority of Europe. The knock on effect will be a rise on drink driving convictions the morning after, 40% of people are estimated to have driven the morning after unaware they are still over the drink drive limit.

Brake supports the use of in-vehicle technology

The benefits of in-vehicle technology has become increasing publicised over the last ten years, with road safety charity Brake, announcing a date for its latest seminar on the use of in-vehicle technology in order to improve driver safety. There are a number of benefits associated with in-vehicle technology, as it provides the fleet manager with invaluable data as to the whereabouts of drivers, vehicles and the journeys undertaken on a day to day basis, all of which can be used to assist in the prevention of road accidents and reduce vehicle related costs.

RAM's Fuel Saving Tips

With the average UK vehicle boosting an engine size of between 1.4 to 2.0 litres, as well as the average mileage per vehicle being approximately 12,500 miles per year. Recent research has revealed that UK businesses could see their mileage drop by 10%, by simply re-evaluating their chosen route and as a direct result of this The Energy Saving Trust claim that ‘carbon emissions would be cut by 2.4 tonnes’. Based on these statistics, we have compiled a list of our top energy saving tips in order to reduce your annual vehicle costs.

Employee’s Eye Health

According to road safety charity Brake, 1 in 6 drivers would supposedly fail an eyesight test, although it is the choice of the individual themselves or indeed their employer to ensure their eyesight is satisfactory before allowing themselves to drive. New legislation is needed to make employees safer on Britain’s roads through the use of visionary testing, a recent survey carried out by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has revealed. Of the 200 businesses approached, not one agreed that it would change the way in which they already practise.

Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Tracking

The RAM system offers the customer a wide range of features and that is why we provide our customers with free training on how to make the most the system. From obtaining mileage reports to identifying congested areas on the map, we will show you how to personalise the programme to your individual needs, and even adapt the relevant settings to suit how you operate.

Work-related Road Risks

The UKs largest organisation for health and safety (IOSH) are calling for the government to include work-related road incidents in the national accident reporting system. According to a recent report from the Department of Transport, 24,870 people are estimated to have been killed or seriously injured on UK roads in the last year. With 24% of serious injuries and 30% of road deaths occurring as a result of work-related traffic accidents.

RAM's top tips for Road Safety Week 2012

Road Safety Week is a global event which aims to stop carnage on the countries roads by highlighting the importance of safety to drivers and other road users. According to a recent study, West Yorkshire has one of the highest rates of roads accidents, with 7,995 people being involved in a road related incident, resulting in injury or death last year.