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How can vehicle tracking improve driver productivity?

How can vehicle tracking improve driver productivity?

A company fleet can often be the backbone of any business. The way a company delivers their goods, finalise on deals made, and close a transaction once packages or items have been delivered. But, if your drivers aren’t as productive as they could be, are businesses out there missing a trick? The main point being is that a company vehicle is the responsibility of the driver behind the wheel. How fast that vehicle goes, what route it takes, can simply be a split decision. But the wrong decision could end up costing a business not only time, but money. With a company fleet not working as it should be, you can end up seeing unforeseen costs incurred on the bottom line. Which is why vehicle tracking can improve driver productivity.

How Do Fleet Trackers Improve Productivity?

The simple fact is that if you and your employees can do more, then the business can make more. Productivity is a hugely desirable indicator of good performance, so it’s little surprise that there’s a whole host of resources out there explaining how you can boost it.

How to combat the January Blues and motivate your staff

How to combat the January Blues and motivate your staff

January is always the most depressing month of the year, especially with Monday 16th January being labelled “as the most depressing day of the year” (Blue Monday). You may find a rise in staff sickness or holidays booked for this day. According to Cliff Arnall, who first came up with “Blue Monday”, the formula for the most depressing day of the year consists of the weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing at New Year’s Resolutions and low motivation.

6 reasons why we know you’re gonna love us!

We’re only really coming to terms with the fact that Christmas is over and done with for another year, but the hearts and flowers are beginning to appear – and this could be the year you get lucky. Love does makes the world goes round, but why does it have to come at such a cost? At RAM Tracking, we want to make sure that this is the Valentine’s Day you fall head over heels for us!

RAM’s research into vehicle idling times

In order to see where some of our customers could save money and also to do our bit in reducing emissions, we’ve taken a look at some of the idling reports on our systems, and the results that we found showed that some vehicles are wasting huge amounts in fuel as a result of idling. The figures in our research - which looked at idling times of a selection of vehicles over a 1 week period from 10/09/2012 to 17/09/2012 - went from 31 minutes at the lowest end, right up to 7 hours 26 minutes at the higher end.