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How can vehicle tracking protect against theft?

How can vehicle tracking protect against theft?

Any business who has some sort of company fleet will admit that this part of the business can be the backbone of the operations side. It’s the difference to completing a transaction with a customer or client, and essentially, without it, a business could struggle to deliver products or even end up paying out far more than needed for someone else to deliver for them. So protecting these assets are vital, and a vehicle tracking system could help you do just that.

Speeding – How can our vehicle tracking system make a difference?

Speeding – How can our vehicle tracking system make a difference?

With new speeding guidelines recently published by the government, it is now even more important to make sure your fleet doesn’t break the speed limit. This is one of the biggest problems that fleet managers have to tackle and this is where we can help them out. Here are three reason to install our vehicle tracking system and keep your fleet on the right side of the law

RAM - detective hero after recovering two stolen vehicles

Forget Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple, a vehicle tracking unit from the UK’s leading GPS tracking provider, RAM Tracking, is the latest detective hero after it secured the recovery of two stolen vehicles and aided police in a criminal investigation. A RAM customer was alerted when the keys to a company van and private car were stolen from their home address and quickly logged on to the online RAM Evolution system to find out the vehicle’s location.

How to incentivise employees using vehicle tracking

After making the decision that vehicle tracking is for you, it is vital to ensure your workforce feel at ease with the introduction of the tracking devices into the business. It is important that employees understand the reasoning behind the change and that the system itself has been installed to benefit everyone within the organisation, as well as the incentives to them individually.

Work-related Road Risks

The UKs largest organisation for health and safety (IOSH) are calling for the government to include work-related road incidents in the national accident reporting system. According to a recent report from the Department of Transport, 24,870 people are estimated to have been killed or seriously injured on UK roads in the last year. With 24% of serious injuries and 30% of road deaths occurring as a result of work-related traffic accidents.