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How might driverless vehicles change the way we do business?

How might driverless vehicles change the way we do business?

A car that can drive itself? It certainly could be a flagship visionary for many company fleets as you begin to tally up exactly how much a human driver costs your business each year. The salary, the expenses, and not to mention those unforeseen costs like speeding fines, etc. However, it is fast becoming a reality as more manufacturers look at the option of driverless technology and how it can be implemented into vehicles that we could see on the road in the UK. Which is why we thought it might be worth sharing some more information on these autonomous vehicles. A little background and history and even some suggestions on how it could help your business moving forward.

RAM Evolution 2 Launch

Back in March we launched our new and improved settings window, with the addition of a ‘Vehicle Monitoring’ function, allowing the user to receive on screen alerts by exception. It is our mission here at RAM to continually strive to make our system even better for you, as well as ensure we keep on top of the latest advances in technology. June marks the release of our latest new features, the ‘General Settings’ window and the ‘Reporting Dashboard’.

Drive to your advantage - Can you save money with the little black box?

With the onslaught of economic gloom we’ve had thrust upon us recently, it would be unthrifty of us to pay over the odds for any service or commodity that neither provided us with a return on investment or provided no benefit in some shape or form to us personally. Emotional shopping habits can lead us into craving things that we may not need but lust for nonetheless. More and more so, we are looking to tighten the purse strings and make the most of our money.

The future of car technologies

In an ever-changing technologically driven world, what can we expect to see from the future of our cars? With a vehicle of any sort being essential to get around nowadays, how can we make our journeys a little more pleasant, efficient and even more thrilling? With the average car redesign taking place every seven years what should we anticipate appearing on the order forms in 2020?