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Vehicle Tracking News

How can vehicle tracking help customer service?

How can vehicle tracking help customer service?

Customers are what makes a business viable. Whether that is clients that have agreements for services or products in bulk, or supplying one thing to one customer at one time, they are what fund your business to function, and your vehicles are what enables you to complete the transaction. So it shouldn't be a surprise to you that customer service is an essential part of that. A vehicle tracking system can enable you to deliver on your commitments, and ultimately manage customer service more effectively. This is how it could help you and your business.

How to Make Your Staff Fall in Love With Our Fleet Tracking System

How to Make Your Staff Fall in Love With Our Fleet Tracking System

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the season of love is well and truly upon us. Here at RAM, we know how much fleet managers love our fleet tracking system but how can you get your staff to fall in love with it too? Here are some benefits to your staff that will keep them motivated and help to drive your business to reach its goals

Superhero-inspired "GPS street art" discovered on vehicle tracking software

RAM Tracking recently discovered a cleverly carried out series of "GPS street art" images created using its tracking software. The images were picked up by RAM Tracking after a client was found to be making a number of irregular vehicle journeys during multiple weekends. On closer inspection, it became apparent that the unnamed electrical business was creating impressive superhero-inspired images – some of which took several weeks to produce. RAM got in touch with the business owner, Matt Smith*, who confirmed that he had decided to have some fun with the software on the streets of London.

For all the Fleet Managers out there – 5 New Year’s Resolutions you can definitely keep

Why is it that right after we’ve spent the last two weeks eating anything that’s wrapped in pastry, someone out there is asking us to become better people? Here at RAM Tracking, we’re all for self-improvement, but we don’t see the point of making promises that you can’t keep. So, we’ve decided to create some epic New Year’s Resolutions that we’ll make sure you can keep. What a proposition!

Interview with a Working Student

Our Marketing Executive Amy holds a very unique position in that she is still studying full time at university – we caught up with her to find out how she copes with the workload, what her biggest challenge has been, and her favourite car.

RAM's Fuel Saving Tips

With the average UK vehicle boosting an engine size of between 1.4 to 2.0 litres, as well as the average mileage per vehicle being approximately 12,500 miles per year. Recent research has revealed that UK businesses could see their mileage drop by 10%, by simply re-evaluating their chosen route and as a direct result of this The Energy Saving Trust claim that ‘carbon emissions would be cut by 2.4 tonnes’. Based on these statistics, we have compiled a list of our top energy saving tips in order to reduce your annual vehicle costs.

Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Tracking

The RAM system offers the customer a wide range of features and that is why we provide our customers with free training on how to make the most the system. From obtaining mileage reports to identifying congested areas on the map, we will show you how to personalise the programme to your individual needs, and even adapt the relevant settings to suit how you operate.

RAM's top tips for Road Safety Week 2012

Road Safety Week is a global event which aims to stop carnage on the countries roads by highlighting the importance of safety to drivers and other road users. According to a recent study, West Yorkshire has one of the highest rates of roads accidents, with 7,995 people being involved in a road related incident, resulting in injury or death last year.

RAM as a finalist at the National Business Awards 2012!

This week RAM had the honour of attending the glittering ceremony of the National Business Awards 2012 held in London, as finalists for the Croner Employer of Year Award and what a fantastic night it was! The event showcases the best of British business, recognising excellence and innovation. The 1200 business leaders, 150 of them finalists, were addressed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, amongst other figureheads such as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander and Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis.