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How can vehicle tracking protect against theft?

If we are honest, one of the biggest issues any business can face in regards to their company fleet is theft. There are always ways you can save on your vehicles, making them more efficient with fuel or even working with your drivers to ensure they are accountable for their driving skills, but once they are sat in your depot, or switched off for the end of their shift they become at greater risk. Let’s look at the basics as to why a company vehicle is important and how a tracking system could protect against one of your biggest problems, theft.

The overall cost is huge

A vehicle in its entirety is a huge cost to a business. Whether you are only buying one vehicle that is second hand, or buying a whole fleet of brand new vehicles. The cost to any specific company, no matter how big or small, is a huge factor and an investment. Of course, that investment is going to be paid back tenfold because of the service you can now provide, or the savings you can make. If this vehicle, whether it is one or ten is subject to theft it can be a huge dent in your business finances. Of course, insurances are in place, but what no-one can account for is the insurance premiums rising, and not to mention any excess that you may have to pay initially.

Where the vehicle is stored is a big factor

Some companies have depots in which their vehicles are stored when not in use, other companies will let the drivers take them home and store them. Each has their own risks. A depot may be managed, perhaps have security, but any thief will have done research in regards to all of that. They could overrun security guards, disable security cameras by damaging them, or even cause damage to the depot and property. Having a vehicle parked with your driver has it’s own risks as you, the company, have no real control as to where it is.

It could be parked on a busy road, be located in a rough neighbourhood, or even parked somewhere away from where the driver lives or can keep an eye on it. While both have their negative points, it’s important that you are confident as to where a vehicle is left.

Why vehicle tracking could help

A vehicle tracking system means that you are aware at any given time where your vehicle is. You will know when the engine is on, where it is being driven to, and where it stops. This is a great from a business point of view, but can also help protect you against theft.

Firstly, a sticker in the window warning of a tracking system can often be enough of a deterrent to a thief to leave well alone. However, if that isn’t seen, and your vehicle is taken, a tracking system means you know the location and where it is. This could help you recover the stolen vehicle saving you time and money. Insurance companies also feel that vehicles with tracking systems are less of a risk, which could help reduce your premiums.

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