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4 Ways Ram Tracking
Can Boost Your Green Credentials

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4 ways business vehicle tracking can boost your green credentials

Businesses across all industries and of all sizes are looking at ways in which they can make their operations more environmentally friendly. And with good reason too - aside from the knowledge that you’re helping the environment, there are all manner of incentives, ranging from government grants to reduced fuel costs. If you’re a fleet manager looking to deliver fleet management, then one of the very best ways you can keep on top of emissions is by reducing the amount of fuel your fleet uses.

Everyone knows about buying more economical vehicles and driving more efficiently, but did you know that businesses could help protect the environment by using vehicle trackers?

4 ways business vehicle tracking can boost your green credentials

1 Cut time and distances

Finding and planning the optimum route for your journey is essential for reducing the amount of fuel your vehicles use. GPS services and map planners such as Google maps are fantastic to a certain extent, but there is no better substitute than having live vehicle telematics data to be able to see where your cars, vans or wagons are, and how they can reach their destination in the shortest possible time and distance. This is especially true when it comes to the unexpected.

Cut Time and Distances

2 Crack down on speeding

With the pressure of journey times always in the mind of drivers, it’s little surprise that a great many people speed while they’re out on the roads. This isn’t just against the law - it’s also going to burn through additional fuel, which creates more pollution, and in turn costs you more. With tracking devices installed, the simple fact is that workers will be far less likely to speed, because they know their performance is being monitored. Those that do speed can be spoken to, so that they can understand the impact their driving behaviour is having.

Crack Down on Speeding

3 Reduce unnecessary journeys

A great many fleet vehicles are flexible in their use; they are used as and when employees need them, and sometimes are available for private use too. By using business vehicle tracking, fleet managers are able to make sure that vehicles aren’t being used for frivolous journeys, or are being used privately when they shouldn’t be. This will again reduce fuel use and the impact on the environment.

Reduce Unnecessary Journeys

4 Stop excessive idle time

If you’re running a delivery fleet, then there’s a very good chance that some of your drivers are in the habit of leaving their vehicles running while they make a drop. It’s understandable, because it feels as though a running vehicle can get going again quicker, so it feels like you’re saving time. In reality, it takes seconds to restart a car or van, so there’s no time benefit at all.

It also previously used to be the case that idling was more efficient if you were going to be stopped for only a short time, but modern technology means it’s rarely worth idling at all. That’s why many cars come with start-stop technology. By using vehicle tracking devices, you can cut down on this habit too.

Ultimately, there are lots of ways that companies can curb the use of fuel and their impact on the environment, but by using business van tracking or lorry and truck tracking, they can make sure that everyone in the fleet is doing their bit.

Stop Excessive Idle Time

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