Business Vehicle Tracking Systems FAQ

As businesses grow, as do their fleets of vehicles. Managing an expanding fleet can be a difficult and complex task for any fleet manager, so RAM Tracking have invested in developing vehicle trackers and fleet management software using telematics data. Our business vehicle tracking system allows companies of all shapes and sizes to keep on top of their vehicles, provide live realtime locations of vehicles to their customers and even help improve driver safety.

None of our business tracking solutions are the same – companies have different requirements, different fleet sizes and different challenges. With this in mind, we’ve tried to provide the most frequently asked questions to help answer your queries.


What is business vehicle tracking?

Businesses can have fleets of vehicles into their thousands, and as such, monitoring and managing such a large amount of trucks, lorries, cars and vans can be an arduous task. Business vehicle tracking is the process of using GPS telematics trackers installed into business vehicles to provide real-time data about the vehicle.

What is business vehicle tracking used for?

RAM Tracking’s business vehicle tracking system allows businesses to firstly, access the real-time telematics data through GPS vehicle trackers. This data is then interpreted and received by our vehicle tracking software.

Can I use vehicle tracking to help customers?

Locating business vehicles – many of our customers use the business vehicle tracking software to track deliveries and shipments travelling on the road to inform their own customers of estimated times of arrival.

Can I improve operational productivity with fleet management tracking?

Planning better routes – telematics allows businesses to analyse the road network, driver behaviour and vehicles to find new routes that could be faster but have smaller mileage, thereby saving the business money in reduced fuel costs.

Can I track my employees and when they use my business vehicles?

Regulate business vehicle usage – the real-time nature of our vehicle trackers allows businesses to ensure their vehicles aren’t being used out of office hours. This is particularly important if out-of-office usage could void insurance policies or add unwanted wear and tear to the vehicle.

Can vehicle tracking help stop vehicle theft?

Protecting against theft – our vehicle trackers use GPS connectivity to monitor vehicle geo-location and usage 24/7. In the unfortunate event of theft, our customers can log in to their system via the website or mobile app and immediate report the location to the police

Will vehicle tracking help reduce my insurance premium?

Improve safety – our business vehicle tracking software allows our customers to improve safety amongst their drivers. Using speeding league tables, speeding alerts and driver analysis, you can ensure that your drivers are driving safely and appropriately at the right speed and for the right duration of time. As such many of our customers enjoy reduced insurance premiums from vehicle tracking.

What are the best business vehicle tracking companies?

RAM Tracking are regularly voted as one of the best vehicle tracking companies in the UK. Our fleet tracking features and functionality is constantly being developed and improved free of cost to our customers.

We believe so much in our vehicle trackers that we’re happy to provide free trials to customers looking to trial a couple of devices in their fleet before committing to a larger investment.

If you still need convincing take a read of our business vehicle tracking reviews to see how we’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands in revenue and costs.