Business Vehicle Tracking Reviews

Customer satisfaction is paramount for everything we do at RAM Tracking so it’s no surprise that we have been voted as one of the very best for customer service excellence in the fleet management industry. RAM Tracking technology is responsible for over 40,000 business vehicles across the UK. Our vehicle tracking system has helped countless customers better understand their fleet data as well as make practical savings in the form of reduced fuel usage, reduced insurance premiums and improved driver productivity.


Gough & Kelly - Services

Ian at Gough & Kelly came to RAM Tracking looking for a telematics solution for the businesses fleet of 150 vehicles. Gough & Kelly explored multiple competitors but chose RAM Tracking due to its depth of features and easy-to-use interface. Managing and monitoring business vehicles that included vans, cars, trucks and even a bus, Gough & Kelly needed a business vehicle tracker that could be installed quickly and without any fuss right across their fleet.

RAM Tracking helped Gough & Kelly with their vehicle tracking solution and provided:

  • A real-time tracking solution that allowed them to find the nearest vehicle to respond to emergency call outs. RAM Tracking’s geo-location telematics analysis meant that the call centre could speak to the customer and provide them with an instant estimated time of arrival.
  • Access to a clean, easy and informative user interface that can be used by multiple key stakeholders across the business
  • Auto-generated reports for data insight such as average speeds, average response rates, hours of usage and mileage by driver
  • Information on the previously unidentified issue of idling. Gough & Kelly found that a number of drivers were pulling up and remaining idle in the vehicle whilst still keeping the engine on. By identifying this issue and resolving it, they were able to cut fuel costs and improve employee efficiency and productivity.