By Industry

Our vehicle tracking systems are used by numerous industries and sectors on a daily basis. At RAM Tracking, we understand that our product isn't just there to help you track your vehicles, it's there to help you overcome or identify a business problem. Whether you're a courier business wanting to provide better estimated times of arrival to your customers, or a transports/logistics company trying to reduce fuel costs with better route planning, RAM Tracking can help.

RAM Tracking helps businesses install and manage vehicle trackers across their fleets in multiple sectors including:

Courier & Delivery - we help businesses track their drivers and packages to provide more accurate estimated times of arrival.

Local Authority - we help local authority groups such as local councils keep better track of their vehicles and protect against theft.

Rental & Leasing - we allow rental and leasing companies to monitor their vehicles in real-time and keep up to date with maintenance.

Service Sector - our vehicle tracking technology helps countless service sector businesses better dispatch drivers to emergency jobs as well as protect against vehicle theft.

Transport & Logistics - our telematics software ensures drivers are driving safely at all times as well as driving on fuel efficient routes.

Utilities - our vehicle trackers help utilities companies maintain acceptable levels of service for their customer and compare timesheets versus actual GPS location data for unauthorised overtime.