Business Vehicle Tracking

Why is vehicle tracking right for my business?

Vehicle tracking is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 6 vehicles or a corporate fleet of 100, vehicle tracking can help make real cost savings. Purchase and installation of vehicle trackers into your fleet is affordable and quick, meaning your business is never disrupted by the investment and you can feel the savings immediately.

1. Optimum route planning

Vehicle trackers allow your business to plan routes more efficiently so you can reduce fuel consumption and get to the destination quicker and easier. Live vehicle telematics lets you see what your vehicles are, where they are and at what speed they are moving. Such data can be integrated with live traffic information so that drivers can be dispatched to avoid traffic.

2. Improve driver and vehicle safety

There is always a pressure on journey times to get to the destination on time. It’s not surprise then that many drivers are willing to exceed legal speed limits in order to “make up for lost time”. However, not only is just activity illegal but it’s also dangerous to the driver and the vehicle. Our vehicle tracking solution provides automated alerts every time a driver exceeds the speed limit. This helps deter drivers from speeding and allows business to identify ‘problem drivers’ quickly.

3. Improve productivity

The RAM Tracking vehicle monitoring system enables businesses to cut out frivolous or inefficient usage. Out of office vehicle usage alerts can be set up easily to make sure that employees aren’t using their vehicle at times and places when they shouldn’t (which could decrease the value of the vehicle with higher mileage). Our vehicle tracking system can also help dispatchers locate the nearest driver without ever having to distract them with a phone call, improving efficiency and safety.

4. Stop wastage

Engine idling can be a thing of the past with RAM Tracking Canada. Our system can measure for how long an engine has been running but no movement detected. Identifying potentially unknown issues such as this could save a business thousands in reduced fuel costs. Our digital telematics system also reduces time spent on administration tasks as records for mileage, timesheets, estimate time of arrivals, can all be managed by our system.