Commercial Dashcams

Affordable, Simple & Easy to Use, Free Installation Our dashcams provide ultimate control & visibility of your drivers and vehicles. Reduce incurance premiums, increase good driving standards


Why purchase a dashboard camera with RAM Tracking?

Why purchase a dashboard camera with RAM Tracking? Our hd dash cam technology has been specifically designed for businesses. We install and sell dash cams for our customer cars, vans and trucks with the view to helping improve driver safety and help reduce crash-for-cash and manage insurance claims. 

When you use RAM Tracking as your preferred dash cam and GPS tracker provider you can rest assured that your dash cam will be professionally installed, ensuring that any footage recorded is to the highest quality on the most optimum settings. You’ll also be guaranteed outstanding customer service from our award-winning team, who are always happy to answer any questions, explain how dash cams work and help you select the right dash cam for you. 

Our commercial hd dash cams work excellently in tandem with our vehicle tracking devices. Businesses with the full RAM Tracking suite can now track and watch their vehicles and drivers to ensure that their vehicles are being used correctly- providing you with enhanced visibility of your fleet.


Dash cams for business

Dash cams (or dashboard cameras) are increasingly popular in both the consumer and business trade. These usually small, discreet and high-quality cameras usually attach to the front and rear windscreen and record the road ahead/behind in HD quality video onto either an online cloud storage solution or off an SD card.

Dash cams for cars, trucks and vans are often fitted for a variety of reasons but the main one is usually to record the road ahead/behind in the event of an accident. Recorded HD video is increasingly being used in insurance claims or to identify vehicle damage by businesses and consumers alike.

For businesses, dashboard cameras are quickly becoming a must-have tool for fleet managers. These often small but powerful devices are usually easy to install and can “pay for themselves” if their footage is used to clear any wrong-doing or blame in insurance claims. However, dash cams have also proved to be incredibly useful for monitoring and improving driver behaviour as well as acting deterrents to other drivers and would-be thieves.


Dash cams record continuously to monitor footage of accidents, crashes or dangerous driving to be used in insurance claims.


Dash cam footage can be used to analyse driver behaviour and help educate drivers on making better decisions whilst on the road.


Many dash cams send data back to the business, which proves useful in the event of an accident where the driver needs immediate attention.


A dash cam in a business vehicle can act as a deterrent to potential thieves attempting to break into or steal the vehicle.

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