SD Dash Cams for Businesses

Dash cams, also known as dashboard cameras, are increasingly popular, not only for personal purposes but also for various business applications. These compact yet high-quality cameras can capture footage of the road ahead, the rear view, and even, in some instances, the interior of the vehicle. This results in high-definition or superior video quality, which can be seamlessly uploaded to the cloud for convenience or, for those seeking a more budget-friendly solution, directly onto an SD card.

Dash cam connected in a vehicle - in the top left corner there is an icon of a car bumping into something

Dash cams for business

Dash cams can be fit in basically any vehicle, and an individual or a business may fit them for a variety of reasons, however, the primary one is to ensure that there is video evidence in the event of an incident. These HD videos can be used as part of an insurance claim or to identify the cause of damage.

For businesses, dashboard cameras are quickly becoming a must-have tool for fleet managers. These are often small but powerful devices we can install and can “pay for themselves” if their footage is used to clear any wrong-doing or blame in insurance claims. However, dash cams have also proved to be incredibly useful for:

  • Monitoring and improving driver behavior.
  • Acting as deterrents to other drivers and would-be thieves.
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A dash cam being set up by an experienced engineer. In the bottom left of the screen there is a Thinkware SD Dash cam

Why purchase a dash cam with RAM Tracking?

Our HD dash cam technology has been specifically designed with businesses in mind. We install and sell dash cams for our customers cars, vans and trucks with the view to helping improve driver safety and manage insurance claims. 

When you use RAM Tracking as your preferred dash cam and GPS tracker provider you can rest assured that:

  • Your dash cam will be professionally installed.
  • Assurance that any footage recorded is of the highest quality at the most optimum settings.
  • Guaranteed outstanding customer service from our award-winning team, who are always happy to answer any questions.

Our commercial HD dash cams work excellently in tandem with our vehicle tracking devices. Businesses with the full RAM Tracking suite can now track and watch their vehicles and drivers to ensure that their vehicles are being used correctly providing you with enhanced visibility of your fleet.



Constant recording ensures you never miss a second - any incidents or instances of dangerous driving can be dealt with using video evidence.


Dash cam footage can be used to analyze driver behavior which helps to educate drivers on making better decisions whilst on the road.


In the event of an incident, simply take out the card and download the data for insurance purposes.


A dash cam in a business vehicle can act as an obvious deterrent to potential thieves who may attempt to break into or steal the vehicle.

Van travelling along a road with a front facing dashcam installed

The rise of dash cam usage

To say that dash cams in the last 10 years have been on the rise in popularity would be an understatement:

  • In 2013 only 1% of vehicles had dash cams installed.
  • By 2017 this had risen to 17%.
  • Current statistics suggest the number is now 25%.

The Cost of Dash cams

  • Our installation cost is free.
  • The average cost of business insurance is $1137*
  • With an average saving of 20% in insurance the system effectively pays for itself.

This offers great value with the offset cost in insurance reduction making the decision to get dash cams for the fleet easy to commit to.

* numbers from Aug 22


picture of a women driving a car fitted with a dash cam with her hand on the steering wheel

The advantages of a dash cam

Use dash cam footage as evidence

  • Most authorities now accept dash cam footage as evidence.
  • An easier way to prove your drivers weren't at fault.
  • Simply download the data from an SD card onto your computer.

Safer driving all round

  • Drivers with dash cams fitted are 33% more likely to drive safely.
  • Those aware of the vehicle having a dash cam will drive more safely.
  • Safer driving also means less fuel consumption.

Some say the camera could be a distraction but the cameras we use are very subtle and placed with the minimum of vision lost. Other makes and models with a screen certainly would be more of a distraction


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