Connected Dash Cams

RAM Tracking offers a best-in-class connected dash cam. These are 4G Cloud Connected streaming dash cams which have been designed for businesses like yours. 

Our connected dash cam will provide your business with increased confidence, receive fantastic benefits to your fleet such as being able to give your insurance provider high-quality video as evidence in moments of the accident occurring.

Image of driver utilizing a multi-camera system.

Our state-of-the-art connected dash cam empowers businesses with enhanced confidence by:

  • Enabling them to promptly report First Notification of Loss (FNOL) incidents to their insurance providers with compelling evidence.
  • Giving fleet managers the capability to monitor their vehicle's real-time locations.
  • Effectively placing you right alongside your drivers, regardless of their location. RAM Live boasts an impressive ultra-wide 150-degree field of view, delivering crystal-clear 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. With its high-quality real-time video feed, this dash cam tailored for businesses ensures meticulous detail capture, making it indispensable for documenting incidents that may later be needed for legal or insurance purposes.
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The benefits of a connected dash cam

4G tower providing a rapid transmission of data to the HD DVR connected dash cam

Fast data transfer

The RAM Live camera uses WCDMA 4G high-speed data transmission to stream video footage from vehicle to HQ. This ensures that whenever you log into your RAM Live portal, your streams of all your vehicles are available, without too much buffering or connection issues.

Reduce insurance premiums

RAM Live can also help reduce insurance premiums as businesses can add insurance brokers to the automated email alert system. This provides greater transparency and guidance in the event of an accident or incident.

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4G Connectivity

The connected dash cams allow you to remotely access footage thanks to utilizing 4G connectivity, you will gain additional safety and security benefits. Not only this but you can also monitor the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

Impact Alert

If the worst happens and your driver is involved in a crash, your connected dash cam will detect the impact to the vehicle and notify the fleet manager of the incident immediately. They can then log into our dashboard,view and download the incident.

Cloud Secure

All your HD footage is recorded and stored within the Cloud, you don't need to worry about running out of space nor do you have to worry about damage/theft to the dash cam itself taking away your ability to access the footage when you need it.

A van driver smiling on his delivery route.

Influence driver behavior

Having a RAM Live dash cam can also potentially influence driver behavior. Unlike standard dash cams, fleet managers have access to a video of the vehicle in transit at any given time due to the video being uploaded to the cloud as it is a 4G Connected dash cam. This could help businesses reduce the risk of poor driving behavior and consequent accidents across their fleet.

Improve road safety

Dash cams improve road safety by providing evidence of accidents and incidents, deterring reckless behavior, capturing unexpected hazards, expediting insurance claims, and holding drivers accountable for their actions.

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Night Vision

Regardless of the bright daylight or the dark night, the connected dash cam has an advanced system that ensures that your business captures immaculate recordings, no matter the ambient lighting and the conditions outside.


The RAM Live dashboard is simple to use, whether you're a novice or a pro, your fleet manager will have quick access to the vehicle's position as well as live footage, it can be collected in one simple dashboard - when they need it most.

Automatic Detection

Our event monitoring software can detect any unusual driving behaviors and quickly notify the fleet manager as required. This means that your fleet manager is not waiting until an accident occurs before they respond to poor driving behavior.

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