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RAM Live

RAM Tracking is proud to offer 'RAM Live', one of the first 4G live streaming dash cams especially designed for businesses.

Our connected dash cam allows businesses to have increased confidence knowing that they can notify their insurance companies of First Notification of Loss (FNOL) as early as possible with quality evidence, as well as giving fleet managers the ability to see and track the whereabouts of their vehicles in real time. So, wherever your drivers are, it's like you're in the vehicle with them.

RAM Live has an impressive ultra-wide 150-degree viewing angle in crisp 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. With high quality live feeds in real time, this business dash cam guarantees every detail is captured making it invaluable for recording accidents and incidents that may later be used in court or for insurance purposes.

4G Connectivity

RAM Live uses 4G connectivity to ensure that fleet managers and vehicle owners can access vehicle footage directly from their vehicle remotely. This provides additional security against theft, and helps businesses monitor the safety of their drivers and vehicles.

Impact Alert

In the event of a collision or impact to the vehicle, RAM Live can detect the disturbance and immediately notify the fleet manager of the incident. They can then log into the RAM Live dashboard and view the incident via a live video feed. Providing businesses with the confidence that they can instantly provide their insurance company with the evidence they need for FNOL (First Notification of Loss).

Cloud Secure

All HD footage is recorded and stored in the Cloud. This means you don't have to worry about purchasing an additional SD card storage or damage/theft to your dash cam removing your ability to access the footage.

Night Vision

The 4G connected dash cam works day or night.Our advanced night vision system helps businesses capture immaculate night-time recordings, regardless of ambient lighting and the conditions outside.


The RAM Live dashboard has a clean and intuitive design meaning that it's incredibly easy to use.Fleet managers can access all their vehicles positions, live footage and alerts from one simple dashboard – any time, any place.

Automatic Detection

RAM Live's state-of-the-art event monitoring software means that it can detect any unusual driving behaviours and immediately notify the appropriate fleet manager.This system means that businesses don't have to wait until an accident happens before acting on poor driving behaviour.

Fast data transfer

Fast data transfer

The RAM Live camera uses WCDMA 4G high-speed data transmission to stream video footage from vehicle to HQ. This ensures that whenever you log into your RAM Live portal, you watch live streams of all your vehicles without too much buffering or connection issues.

Reduce insurance premiums

Reduce insurance premiums

RAM Live can also help reduce insurance premiums as businesses can add insurance brokers on the automated email alert system.This provides greater transparency and guidance in the event of an accident or incident.

Influence driver behaviour

Influence driver behaviour

Having a RAM Live dash cam can also potentially influence driver behaviour. Unlike standard dash cams, fleet managers can access a live stream video of the vehicle in transit at any given time. This could help businesses reduce the risk of poor driving behaviour and consequent accidents across their fleet.

Excellent customer support

Excellent customer support

Our dash cams are all installed free of charge by our team of qualified and experienced RAM Tracking engineers, at a time and a place that's convenient for you. We will also give you complimentary training on how to use the dash cam and our online dashboard which allows managers to view live and historic footage.

How much does RAM Live cost?

Here at RAM Tracking we tailor all of our pricing to our customers needs.

What will the cost cover?
The cost includes the unit, delivery and the installation and initial testing by one of our qualified engineers, at a time and place that's convenient for you.

How will the cost be justified?
Instant notifications of driving events, such as impact, harsh brake, harsh acceleration will help identify poor driving style or impacts. The ability to live stream your vehicles will give the fleet manager a LIVE virtual window into the vehicle.

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