Vehicle trackers for building and construction

How much time and money is wasted by your assets not being on a job site when they’re supposed to? Without everything being where it’s needed, when it’s needed projects get delayed, costs go up and profits go down.

RAM’s vehicle trackers help you put mobile assets on site on time, keeping projects on schedule, keeping your people and equipment earning and putting wasted money straight back on your bottom line.

Big or small, RAM builds value

Whether you’re running a few vehicles or a large fleet, comprising small vans or heavy construction vehicles, we can help you find and fix operational imperfections. RAM helps cut waste and improve efficiency.  

One of the best-proven vehicle tracking solutions on the market, RAM’s real-time cloud-based system is easy and intuitive. You can access information via the net from anywhere, turning raw data into useful management information with our suite of flexible reporting tools.

RAM tracking works. We know it works because our customers tell us. Most of our 3,500 users gain a 10-20% hike in vehicle fleet productivity, which means that RAM doesn’t cost money, it makes you money.

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  • Efficient routing
  • Closest unit job allocation
  • Vehicle speeds check
  • Traffic forecast
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Cut unnecessary journeys
  • Reducing private use
  • Re-routing lost drivers
  • Cut admin time
  • Timesheet verification
  • Quick, accurate customer billing

Business benefits for building and construction

The RAM Tracking system is particularly useful for businesses in the building and construction industry. Automated reports for arrival on site, departure from site and timesheets can help ensure that your staff aren't claiming for unauthorised or inaccurate overtime. Real-time monitoring allows customer service teams to let clients know when they can expect their delivery or team on-site. Engine idling reports allow businesses to reduce unnecessary fuel usage, particularly in cold temperatures where 'leaving the engine on' for heat is a common money-waster.