Delivery and transport fleet tracking systems

In today’s high pressure, low margin economy, a small change can make a big difference. Just-in-time logistics means customers demand ever-tighter delivery windows, so the slightest delay can mean losing more than a few minutes. Some delays are inevitable, but are customers keeping your expensive vehicles waiting to offload, delaying everyone else? RAM helps you find and fix the slightest snags in any vehicle fleet operation.

Improve performance, prove service

RAM’s fleet tracking system provides real-time cloud-based monitoring and management. Intuitive to use, our vehicle tracker automates communication & reporting, cutting admin work and proving performance against tough service level agreements.

RAM’s sophisticated route-planning and traffic forecasting functions let you shave valuable minutes of time and expensive litres of fuel of every journey. By constantly monitoring your fleet’s position and speed, you can give customers accurate ETAs, so that they’re ready to unload when you arrive, saving even more time on the route.

Small changes to the way your fleet operates can add up to major savings. Most of our 3,500 customers report a 10-20% improvement in productivity.

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  • Efficient routing
  • Closest unit job allocation
  • Vehicle speeds check
  • Traffic forecast
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Cut unnecessary journeys
  • Reducing private use
  • Re-routing lost drivers
  • Cut admin time
  • Timesheet verification
  • Quick, accurate customer billing

Business benefits for delivery & transport fleet

Vehicle tracking allows businesses to make massive cost savings across their fleet by reducing fuel usage, vehicle mileage and planning journeys more efficiently. Furthermore, vehicle tracking ensures that the driver and vehicle are adhering to safe road speeds so that there is a lower chance of accident on the road. For delivery and transport fleet managers, vehicle tracking also provides them with a real-time view of their fleet so that they can easily dispatch and manage vehicles, even on their smartphone.