Telematics in Canada

What is telematics?

Telematics is where telecommunication data is transmitted digitally, usually real-time travel information broadcasted back to a receiver. The purpose of telematics is to capture, transmit and analyze transit data so that businesses can demonstrate driving behavior. Telematics has risen to prominence in Canada as more and more insurance companies offer reduced premiums in exchange for telematics data that shows the driver has a safe and reasonable driving behavior.

Real-time telematics can also be used by businesses to improve their operational performance, reduce inefficiency and plan their transit routes more effectively.

How does telematics work?

Many Canadian companies use telematics on a daily basis. The technology works by utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking systems to transmit data such as speed, location, time, driver information and vehicle identification. This important information is then transferred via satellite to a receiver (that could be thousands of miles away from the original system). The data can then be analyzed and interpreted by specialist software to help the receiver make better driving and fleet decisions.

RAM Tracking is a leading telematics provider - our state-of-the-art GPS vehicle tracking software has been specifically designed for business usage. Telematics data is received by our platform and then used to create automated reports for speeding, mileage and much more.

What does telematics software tell businesses?

Telematics software like RAM Tracking is able to provide hundreds of insights and outputs. Just a handful of examples include:

  • Fleet management
  • Real-time location of vehicles
  • How long a vehicle has been stationary
  • Current and past speed of vehicle
  • Speeding alerts when drivers exceed the national speed limit
  • Traffic congestion on the road network
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders e.g. M.O.T renewal date
  • Cost of reduced fuel usage
  • Mileage
  • Average response time
  • Duration of journey i.e. to spot drivers who have exceeded the legal limit
  • Vehicle usage in out of office hours

What are the benefits of telematics?

RAM Tracking uses GPS vehicle trackers to help businesses in Canada to:

  • Identify behaviors that could be costing the company money e.g. leaving the engine running whilst parked, making unauthorized journeys in a company vehicle and making inefficient journeys
  • Reduce time spent analyzing paperwork and mileage reports. Our digital system can interpret millions of lines of data in milliseconds, saving Canadian businesses hours on fleet admin
  • Help resolve proof of work disputes. Because all of your fleet's travel data is recorded, RAM Tracking can be used to show that work was carried out. For businesses in the snow plow industry, for example, they may regularly need to show evidence that they had plowed an area early in the morning during the snowy season.
  • Reduce accidents and dangerous driving. Features such as our speed alert system help notify fleet managers when drivers are putting the vehicle, passengers and themselves at risk by exceeding the speed limit.

How can I find out more about telematics?

If you’re interested in finding more about a practical, affordable and cost-saving telematics solution, you can speak to RAM Tracking in multiple methods:

  • Get an instant quote – find out how much it would cost to install our vehicle trackers across your fleet
  • Request a web demo – see how our vehicle tracking system uses telematics data and presents it in an easy-to-use application
  • Free trial – try out our service for yourself by requesting a free trial of one of our devices in a few of your fleet vehicles