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How does vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking technology allows the user to view the position of their mobile workforce through the use of a cloud based software platform. Once the device has been fitted within your vehicle the GPS (Global Positioning System) will identify the GPS coordinates, which are then sent via a mobile network to our advanced servers. It is here where all your real time and historical data will be stored, which you are able to access anytime, anywhere using the RAM Tracking cloud based portal.

Where and when are the vehicle tracking devices installed?

Your RAM vehicle tracking device will be installed by one of our accredited engineers at your premises, at a time that suits you. The devices will be fitted out of sight in the vehicle, with common locations being behind the driver’s dashboard, under the seating and occasionally within the boot space.

A RAM Tracking device dimensions are:

  • 90 mm x 66 mm x 30 mm
  • Weight: 130 grams

Is my vehicle tracking data secure?

The level of security is dependent upon your provider; here at RAM we take our responsibility of looking after your real time and historical data very seriously. You’ll have access to your data using the RAM cloud based portal, which is protected by your individual username and password. To further your control you’ll have the ability to create additional log on details for other employees, allowing you to control what they view and to disable specific functions/settings. These measures are designed to give you maximum control and peace of mind that your data will remain confidential and safe.

Can I move my van tracker to another vehicle?

Yes. Should you require your van tracking device to be moved to another vehicle, all you need to do is contact our dedicated customer support team. They’ll arrange for the tracking device to be removed by one of our accredited installers and refitted into the new vehicle at a time and place that suits you. Moving the unit doesn’t mean you’ll lose your data, all your historical information will still be easily assessable and we’ll arrange the change of vehicle details such as driver identity and registration.

Contact our customer support team at info@ramglobalsolutions.ca or call 1.866.998.9335

Do I have to tell my staff if I install vehicle tracking?

This is your decision. Some companies take the decision to fit the trackers without informing their staff initially, in order to gather comparable data from before and after the employees were made aware. If you wish to keep the installation of your trackers covert, all you need to do is inform our customer support team and we’ll arrange installation in private.

However we encourage our customers to be open with the installation of tracking devices and it’s important to ensure your workforce feel comfortable with the introduction of tracking devices in your business. Reliable and hardworking employees should have no concerns about the devices being installed and our customer success stories prove that rarely do employees react negatively. If resistance does occur, this tends to be from individuals who haven’t perhaps been using company vehicles legitimately.

It’s vital that you explain the reasons why tracking has been installed and this can be done successfully by highlighting the benefits to both the business and employees. It’s essential not to lose sight of the fact that the devices are designed to integrate with the day-to-day operational processes of your business, adding value to what you do and resulting in improved efficiency and profitability. You may also wish to explain to your workforce exactly how the tracking system works, even if they will not be directly using the system themselves. This approach will make them feel more at ease with the system, as they will have a greater understanding of the features of the system.

Benefits to your employees include:

  • Increased driver protection through drivers having increased awareness of their speed. This protects both the driver and your business from inaccurate claims such as a falsely issued speeding ticket.
  • Heightened security for the vehicle and its contents, greatly increasing the chance of a stolen vehicle being recovered and the criminals apprehended.
  • Maximised time efficiency through time saving features such as automated and accurate readings for hours on site and mileage. This reduces the time your team need to spend on chasing paperwork.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by enabling you to provide your clients with accurate arrival times, speed up your responses to queries and inform clients when a driver could be delayed.
  • A number of RAM clients have introduced incentive schemes to encourage their team to work more efficiently, leading to increased morale and a better working environment.

What after sales support will I receive with my vehicle tracking system?

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our customers at all stages of their use cycle, which is why our award-winning customer support team are always on hand to help to resolve any queries you may have as quickly as possible.

Here at RAM we’re also keen to ensure our customers know exactly how to exploit the cost savings and increased productivity opportunities facilitated by the system. We’ll stay in touch through the distribution of a quarterly e-newsletter, annual customer satisfaction survey, catch up calls with your Account Manager and you can keep up to date at your convenience by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll also communicate any system updates as and when they occur using the RAM portal info pop up.