Why choose RAM as your vehicle tracking provider?

There are many reasons why our customers believe we're 'streets ahead of the competition'. Read more to find out why we are the provider of choice for over 3,500 businesses.

There are many reasons why our customers believe we're 'streets ahead of the competition'. Read the below table to find out why we are the only tracking provider that makes sense and the provider of choice for over 3,500 businesses.

Named by Fleet News as the ‘next generation’ of tracking we are renowned for our simple and easy to use interface Over-complicated system which is challenging to navigate and isn’t designed with the user in mind

We guarantee safe storage of your data for a minimum of 3 years so you’re always protected

Full warranty on all hardware parts & labour for the duration

Your data is only stored for 3 months which could be a problem if you need to backtrack your records for whatever reason
No upfront fees or hidden costs, you know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up with RAM It is likely you’ll be subject to additional hidden charges
Our system is compatible with all devices You’ll likely have trouble with getting the system to fit your screen resolution
RAM is web based, meaning you can gain unlimited access to your fleet at anytime The majority of systems will require a software download onto your PC resulting in limited access
Import multiple user locations within a matter of seconds User locations may need to be imported manually which can be very time consuming
Our product is developed in-house and is sold by a salesforce with years of industy experience Products are often sold by resellers, which means you are dealing with multiple parties with limited warranty
We are renowned for our award winning customer service team As a result of resellers, you could be dealing with overseas customer service departments
Benefit from free dedicated training, as well as free training webinars whenever you need them Training is often chargeable depending on the reseller and could be upwards of $300
Points of interest come as standard and can be visible or not. You can also manually add any additional locations Points of interest are not automatically included and need to be individually added
All reports can be run at the click of a button, as well as emailed to single or multiple parties, it’s your choice Many providers allow you to run only one report function manually and the remaining need to be emailed
We’re constantly innovating and all new system developments would be passed on to you free of charge System developments are rare and improvements are typically only passed on to you at renewal or for an extra cost
As a financially stable, business there’s no risk of us going out of business and leaving you paying for a service you’re not receiving If they go out of business, you may end up contractually tied to paying the remainder of your lease, with no actual service