5 reasons why our customers love RAM Tracking

5 reasons why our customers love RAM Tracking

By RAM Tracking on 4 Sep 2018

But what is it that makes RAM Tracking one of the best vehicle tracking companies in Canada? To help prove our worth, we’ve put together a list of some of the reasons why our customers love our brand.

1) Award winning customer service

It is no surprise that our outstanding customer service team have been awarded an Outstanding’ accreditation for Customer Service levels by independent assessor – Investor in Customers. We firmly believe in delivering honest, friendly and informative advice to our customers. We’re always very happy to help answer any question, whether large or small. Our team are made up of some of the industry’s most experienced practitioners and hold relationships with customers that span several years.

2) Convenient installation

One of the major attractions of RAM Tracking compared to other competitors is the care and support that our customers receive. One example of this is how we always visit our customers at their premises to install our vehicle trackers. This ensures that they don’t have to go without a vehicle and their day-to-day operations aren’t disrupted due to the installation process. Our engineers professionally install the devices to the highest standard in the least amount of time possible – at a time and place of your choosing.

3) Responsive product development

We genuinely want to hear back from our customers on a regular basis. Over the years we’ve made many developments and improvements to our products based on customer feedback. Items such as our official vehicle tracking smartphone application, came when numerous customers expressed a desire to access the system via their phone. We invested resource and research to make this request a reality and today we have one of the best vehicle tracking apps in the industry.

4) Commercial understanding

Our business isn’t just about installing vehicle trackers, our business is about improving the efficiency of your fleet and helping your business make or save more money. At the heart of all our discussions and technology is the drive to identify real business challenges and come up with clever solutions to tackle them. It is for this reason that our website and marketing content is always about the real return on investment and business benefits rather than just technology features.

5) Value for money

Our vehicle tracking systems are used by companies with 4 or 5 vehicles up to massive corporations with several hundred vehicles. Our costs can be applied on a by vehicle/per month basis meaning that there’s not large initial cost required to feel the true benefits of the system. On many occasions we offer free trials to Canadian businesses that want to try it and see how it works for them. Our primary aim to show how such a small monthly investment in vehicle trackers can save your business thousands in reduced costs.

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