By RAM Tracking on 25 Jul 2018

Taking this into account, it’s only natural that businesses and business owners want to take extra care of their new investment. To help, we’ve compiled 5 great practical ways that fleet managers, business owners and drivers can look after their new vehicles to avoid damage, repair costs or danger.


  • Safety checks on parts

Despite the vehicle being brand new, it’s always important to undertake your own checks on the vehicle to make sure it has everything it needs. Check fluid levels, wiper durability, tire tread, braking systems and other equipment that helps the vehicle remain safe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Servicing plan

Keeping your new vehicle safe and in good health comes down to rigorous servicing and checks. Make sure that you continue to get the vehicle serviced and checked on a regular basis. To remember, adding 6 month, 12 month and 18 month intervals from the date of purchase for checks in your calendar can be a simple way of making sure you get these service checkpoints booked in.


  • Vehicle tracking

Installation GPS vehicle trackers is a popular choice for modern fleet vehicles. These can be installed professionally and discretely in all vehicles so that you can tracking vehicle usage, vehicle position and even spot incidents of speeding or engine idling. For a relatively low cost per month, these trackers can help save your business thousands in wasted costs every year as well as help retrieve stolen vehicles.


  • Dash cam installation

Another great piece of technology to invest into is dash cams. Dashboard cameras can be used to record journeys – footage captured can then be used as proof in accidents or perhaps simply used to show proof of work. Newer technology dash cams even let businesses live stream the footage and communicate with the driver, which can be incredibly useful if they suffer an unfortunate crash and want to get advice straight away.


  • Training courses

One of the most practical ways of protecting your new vehicle is making sure that those who use it or drive it receive the appropriate training of how to respect your new asset. This can be something simple such as no eating in the vehicle through to driving courses for drivers required to operate larger than normal weight loads. Educating your staff is a vital ingredient for a safe, damage-free and efficient fleet.


To find out more about how you can look after your vehicles with vehicle tracking, dash cams or servicing plans, speak to a member of our RAM Tracking team today by visiting us online, via phone or on email.


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