Fleet Manager Job Description Must-Haves

Fleet Manager Job Description Must-Haves

By RAM Tracking on 18 Feb 2019

Many companies have a fleet of vehicles. These fleets can be large or small. They can include any combination of cars, trucks, and special-purpose vehicles such as plows, tractors, tankers, or even boats. But they all have two things in common.


  1. Every fleet needs management.
  2. Few if any employees other than the current fleet management team knows enough to recruit a fleet manager successfully.


Recruitment often begins with, and can rely heavily upon, the job description. But how do you write a fleet manager job description that will attract the best candidates for your business’ specific needs? Herewith, some help with this challenging, critical task.


What Makes a Great Fleet Manager Job Description?


To write the best possible fleet manager job description, you need to clearly define what you’re seeking. Beyond general information about your company, a solid fleet manager job description must have, at minimum, three types of information.

  • The skills required
  • The qualifications the company wants and needs
  • Specific duties and responsibilities


The job description should conclude with specific, clear instructions for how to apply or complete the application process. And if this information is online, the relevant links must be correct and functional. (It never hurts to have someone in HR or IT pretend to be an applicant and walk through the online application process, to identify any inconsistencies or problems.)


What Makes a Great Fleet Manager?


The specific duties, responsibilities, and qualifications described in your fleet manager job description will be unique to your organization and its specific needs. And the specific skills required will vary somewhat from company to company, but should at minimum include the skills described below.


Excellent time and task management skills. A great fleet manager knows how to prioritize tasks and allocate available time efficiently. The goal is not to multi-task, which has been described as an opportunity to do multiple tasks badly. Instead, the goal of a great fleet manager is to know what needs to be done, and how best to get each required task completed efficiently and effectively. This is a must have skill in any fleet manager Job description.


Excellent communication, collaboration, and negotiating skills. These are essential to succeeding in coping with the constant “firefighting” fleet managers face daily. These skills are also critical for dealing with everyone from drivers to C-level executives, and suppliers. If your fleet Manager job description does not include this, think again.


Finance skills and market knowledge. A great fleet manager should have both knowledge and experience dealing with the financial aspects of fleet management. The fleet managers job description should include specifics around budgeting, comfort dealing with accounting rules and standards, comparing leasing and purchase options for new and used vehicles, and managing maintenance, fuel, and insurance agreements.

Relevant technology knowledge. GPS tracking software continues to evolve. A superior fleet manager has demonstrable skills and experience keeping up to date with all relevant technologies. Experience in comparing, evaluating, selecting, and implementing technology solutions is a big plus as well.


Your fleet manager job descriptions should include consistent “boilerplate” descriptions of the specific skills and qualifications your business needs and wants. Take care to ensure those descriptions are depicted accurately and consistently everywhere your recruitment ads appear.


Your Fleet Manager Job Description Matters


Job descriptions are to hiring companies what résumés are to job seekers. Hiring experts love to point out that “the résumé doesn’t get you the job, it gets you the interview.” Similarly, solid fleet manager job descriptions will attract the most suitable candidates for your fleet manager needs. Follow the guidelines above, look at other fleet manager job descriptions, then do your best to create accurate, compelling descriptions for each job you need to fill.


RAM Tracking helps more than 9,500 companies manage over 70,000 vehicles every day. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help solve your toughest fleet management challenges. Whether you’re still seeking or have already found the perfect fleet manager for your business, we can help.

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