By RAM Tracking on 17 Oct 2017

RAM Tracking Features

In order for any logistics-oriented organization to provide the best service possible, it must have an efficient transport system that is supported by the best technology and the right fleet team that offers quality of service. RAM Tracking is a top-rated tracking solution that offers the perfect collaboration in networking fleet members and their respective vehicles. This tracking system works through a highly intuitive software program that is installed on your fleet management mainframe. It uses equally intuitive vehicle trackers that are equipped in each of your truck, van, or car to monitor all activity in the logistics process. This includes:

  • Mapping
  • Location
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Messaging
  • Activity Reports
  • Driver-centric Reports

How fleet drivers experience vehicular theft

Life on the road can become dangerous for many fleet members travelling across destinations. Many times these drivers travel for days requiring them to make stops at various points of their routes to rest and take their meals. During these stops, there is always a chance that their vehicles get stolen as they are indisposed and their vehicles become a prime target among thieves looking to steal the vehicle, strip it, and sell the parts. Some of the factors that allow thieves to steal fleet vehicles are:

  • Drivers become complacent and forget to lock all car doors and trailer doors when visiting truck stops to rest and take their meals.
  • Drivers leave the vehicle unattended while loading content into a customer’s warehouse/ store.
  • Drivers leave the spare keys inside the vehicle even as it is locked.

How Vehicle Tracking prevents theft

For your vehicles’ safety, it is highly recommended to use a vehicle tracking system such as RAM Tracking, especially if you are running a logistics business with multiple vehicles. Tracking systems have Global Positioning System (GPS), which allows each vehicle in a fleet to be immediately tracked in real-time through the satellite with results available to fleet managers anytime and anywhere. When a fleet vehicle is stolen, fleet drivers can immediately contact their managers to report the incident and aid the proper authorities by giving the exact location of the vehicle through the mapping technology on the tracking system. Other means that allow the RAM Tracking system to prevent theft are:

  • Geo-Fencing. RAM Tracking has a geo-fencing feature that protects your vehicles when they have reached their destination. During the time that your drivers are dealing with your customers, loading your products into their stores, vehicles will be prone to theft. This feature provides a perimeter around the vehicle and notifies your fleet manager in the event that the vehicle is operated and moved without prior warning from fleet drivers. This allows the vehicle to be tracked seconds after it has been moved.
  • Constant Check-Ins. Another feature that prevents theft is the Check-In feature where drivers inform their managers when they have arrived at their respective destinations. By regularly checking in, drivers are able to update their managers of their current activities. It also makes managers aware that the drivers are not in their vehicles and any vehicular movement after the check-in should be considered a potential theft.

Theft is a re-occurring activity especially to fleet drivers travelling to multiple destinations. With the RAM Tracking telematics system, you have one of the top tracking programs in Canada. Best of all, this system is reliable and very affordable to implement in your fleet.

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