By RAM Tracking on 22 Mar 2018

RAM Tracking 101

RAM Tracking is a groundbreaking GPS vehicle tracking system designed for business owners and managers to easily and efficiently monitor an entire fleet of vehicles. Regardless of how many vehicles, this system enables monitoring on a real-time basis. The GPS vehicle tracking system consists of many features that include a software program as well as hardware in the form of a GPS vehicle tracking device that is easy to install into any vehicle.

When operating, these vehicle trackers gather specific data and send it into an online platform where fleet managers are able to track and monitor all vehicles in their fleet at any time of any day. In addition, this tracking system is updated regularly with satellite data that gives fleet managers the ability to have complete control of an entire fleet by ensuring that it runs more efficiently safely. Moreover, it allows lowers costs of insurance, vehicle maintenance, and fuel to name a few.

Common obstacles that contribute to poor driver productivity

Life as a driver is definitely not an easy task and with the fuel prices constantly rising, driver productivity is now more than ever a critical factor that ensures a successful fleet business. The problem with many drivers is they often become complacent in doing their jobs because there is a lack of supervision from fleet managers while they are on the road. This leads them to perform poorly by taking side trips and using the vehicles on other “Out of Hours” excursions on their company’s expense. These excursions often delay the trip and many times, they lead to unforeseen road accidents that cost a lot of money to fix. With GPS vehicle trackers, drivers are empowered with the discipline to be productive by arriving at their destinations as quickly as possible with no complications such as accidents and delay. Having a productive fleet provides many amazing benefits such as:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Better customer service
  • Lower maintenance costs

How GPS Vehicle Tracking improves driver productivity

When a fleet utilizes a GPS vehicle tracking system into their daily activities, driver productivity is improved dramatically because of telematics. For those new to telematics, it is an essential feature of the RAM Tracking system that provides fleet drivers with the correct blueprint on how to drive properly. It captures and processes data while drivers are on the road and uploads it into a storage cloud where fleet managers can use the RAM Tracking software program to monitor drivers on their computers, tablets, and even smart phones. The software is incredibly easy-to-use and allows managers to aid drivers improve productivity in various ways. These include:

  • Ensures safety and compliance to road regulations. One of the toughest aspects about being a fleet driver is travelling far and wide to various destinations. Travelling to these destinations can truly be perilous as road regulations tend to change with every destination. Some destinations also vary in weather and climate and may even require extra caution while travelling. Having direct communication with fleet managers is a benefit for drivers as they are able to receive all vital information that will keep them safe throughout their travels.
  • Keeps up with vehicle maintenance. Another manner in which drivers are kept safe through vehicle tracking is their vehicles are always maintained and fixed on time. This ensures that the vehicle perform properly and prevent any type of malfunction that may result in delays.
  • Helps recover stolen vehicles. In the event that a vehicle is stolen together with the driver’s personal belongings, using a vehicle tracking system, managers can easily help drivers by reporting the current location of the vehicle. This should make it easier for the authorities to retrieve the vehicle and the driver’s personal belongings.

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