By RAM Tracking on 13 Apr 2018

RAM Tracking: Providing the Ultimate Job management

Running a successful transport logistics business depends heavily on the productivity of your fleet to enhance customer service while reducing costs on the entire logistic process. To ensure this, your fleet service may require a tracking solution such as RAM Tracking. This vehicle tracking program equips vehicle trackers on your fleet vehicles that utilizes GPS technology to send their locations from all remote locations at a real-time basis. Your fleet managers have access to these locations by using the intuitive RAM Tracking desktop program or app where they can immediately lock on to these locations to track all fleet members and manage all activities. The RAM Tracking system comes with an amazing assortment of features that include:

  • Route Mapping
  • Route Compliance
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Historical Data of Route Travelled

One major benefit in using this telematics tracking system is it increases fleet efficiency by allowing an automatic Proof of Work system. With an automatic proof of work system fleet managers can better control and manage the activities of their employees. Automatic proof of work includes many wonderful features such as:

Driver ID

The most fundamental manner by which RAM Tracking is able to enhance proof of work is through its driver identification feature. This feature enables drivers to be associated with specific fleet vehicles through an identification device that allows them to operate the vehicle. As they operate the vehicle, fleet managers can identify them in the desktop application and manage their routes efficiently.

Real-time tracking

Another manner that the RAM Tracking system efficiently shows proof of work for fleet members is the real-time tracking feature. As fleet members use their driver identification devices to operate vehicles, this automatically appears on the fleet managers desktop program. The real-time tracking, allows managers to pinpoint exact location of fleet members and manage their driving behavior that includes:

  • Communicating with fleet members
  • Monitoring vehicle speed and fuel consumption
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Charting alternative routes to prevent delays and setbacks
  • Composing progress reports
  • Monitoring driver behavior

Filing documents automatically

In the day-to-day activities of any fleet member, a delivery consists of filing many documents such as signed delivery notes, client feedback, and manifests among others. These documents are filled out electronically by fleet members on their respective tablets then uploaded automatically into the RAM Tracking storage cloud where managers can use the data for multiple reports. In addition, fleet members are able to retrieve documents automatically and prevent any delays in deliver that stem from lost or misfiled paperwork. 

Real-time mapping

RAM Tracking provides real-time satellite mapping where managers are able to access all roads and streets in a particular route. Here, they can chart the most efficient routes for fleet drivers so that they spend lesser time on the road. When they send these routes to fleet members, drivers have to confirm these routes. This also acts as valid proof of work.

Payment on receipt

Many times, when fleet members complete their jobs in specific locations, they will require customers to pay for goods or services rendered. The payment is usually administered though credit cards which customers swipe on a credit card swipe machine. The RAM Tracking solution can also use these transactions as proof of work.

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