By RAM Tracking on 5 Apr 2018

RAM Tracking Introduction

Running a successful fleet service has always been about fleet management, which has never been easier than with RAM Tracking. This vehicle tracking solution is designed for fleet managers to efficiently manage an entire fleet regardless of how many vehicles there are. Through GPS vehicle tracking, you can track where your vehicles are in real time via satellite mapping that your fleet managers can access at any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, managers can use the RAM Tracking online software program to complete essential fleet management tasks such as:

  • Communicating with fleet members
  • Monitoring vehicle speed and fuel consumption
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Charting alternative routes to prevent delays and setbacks
  • Composing progress reports
  • Monitoring driver behavior

Vehicle Tracking solutions for a more environment-friendly fleet

One of the main goals of most transport logistics providers is to contribute socially by being more environmental friendly. To achieve this goal, you may need to consider using a vehicle tracking system such as RAM Tracking as it allows fleet managers to eliminate the use of paper in back offices. Trees are a valuable resource and in order to preserve them, your offices need to transform their day-to-day operations digitally. This means digitizing your accounting, marketing, reporting, and many other essential practices. Vehicle tracking also allows a more efficient and regulated logistics practice as it leads to activities that contribute to the environment.

Some activities include:

  • Efficient Route Mapping. With RAM Tracking vehicle tracking solutions, your fleet managers have an extremely intuitive software program that can access all roads and streets in any given route. It offers various mapping views of these locations and even allows managers to access current traffic reports in real-time. This allows them to chart the most efficient route possible that fleet drivers take to consume the least amount of fuel. With the real-time mapping feature, the program also prevents drivers from taking longer, more scenic routes that require more fuel.
  • Speeding Alerts. Statistics have shown that vehicles that increase in speed from 55 mph to 75 mph per hour can cost a 39% increase in fuel consumption, RAM vehicle tracking allows managers to regulate driver behavior as the program comes with real-time alerts that act as notification when drivers exceed the speed limit of particular roads or streets. Speeding increases fuel consumption which does not benefit the environment. It also enhances your fleet service’s fuel cost which is counter-productive to your bottom-line of making a profit.
  • Idling Alerts. The same statistics have also shown that 5 idling trucks can create 41/2 gallons of wasted fuel a day. Idling is when drivers leave their vehicles on stationary while delivering goods or loading inventory. RAM Tracking is a telematics tracking solution where managers can track their vehicles and even identify when and where those vehicles are idling. Through the instant messaging features, fleet managers can immediately take action by contacting drivers who are “Idling” their vehicles. This will save a lot on fuel consumption and will prevent further release of harmful fumes into the atmosphere.

Paperless Documentation

In the past, fleet drivers had to fill out multiple documents when delivering goods. Many even had clients fill out additional forms that serve as Proof of Work. With vehicle tracking, fleet drivers no longer have to collect paperwork. Instead, they have tablets where they can complete various reports and collect digital signatures from clients to serve as Proof of Work. This saves paper and at the same time, allows all reports to be immediately saved in the RAM Tracking cloud storage.

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