By RAM Tracking on 14 Sep 2017

Understanding how Vehicle Tracking works

RAM Tracking is a vehicle tracking system that that allows you to monitor your vehicles as they are on route to deliver specific goods to various destinations. This system comes with tracking devices that you can fit in your trucks, vans, or cars. These devices also come with software that you install in your office’s mainframe as well as on your mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

When your vehicles are on route to a particular destination, their tracking devices transmit information to the RAM Tracking servers that automatically relays this information to your computer. Here, you are able to monitor your vehicles in map-form and view their specific delivery progress on a real-time basis. You are also able to gather speeding reports which play a very integral role at reducing speeding amongst your drivers.

Real-Time Tracking

Speeding is an activity that stems from poor behavior, which is the fundamental reason why many fleet drivers exceed speed limits. At the root of this behavior is a lack of discipline that causes many drivers to be late for work or procrastinate while they are on-route to a specific destination. When drivers are late or are “Idling” the truck due to extra-curricular activities such as passing by a truck stop to buy food, the chances that they will speed become much larger.

When fleet drivers know that they are running behind schedule, they will do all that they can to make up for lost time. This means driving the truck at speeds that defy all traffic laws to get to the destination earlier. With vehicle tracking, a fleet manager is able to monitor each time a vehicle moves and each time it stops. Through this system, managers will be able to know which drivers are chronically late and which drivers tend to procrastinate the most.

Speeding Reports

Vehicle Tracking system offers many amazing program features. One of these is speeding reports that gives you a lot of insight on how fast your vehicles are being driven on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Speeding reports in the RAM Tracking system are extremely detailed. They gather each incident of speeding and organize the information in tabulated form that allows you to determine which of your drivers exceed the speed limit the most. The program is very intuitive as it maps out all the various speed limits of a particular route. When a driver exceeds any of these various limits, there is an automatic notification. With these notifications, business owners can take the necessary disciplinary actions.

Real-time Alerts

Reducing speeding violations requires constant communication between drivers and fleet managers. Drivers often need immediate disciplinary measures to keep constant awareness while driving. These disciplinary measures can come in the form of instant text messages or emails from employers to immediately warn them of their violation. Making drivers aware every time they exceed a specific speed limit is a great way to enhance their on-road awareness so that they avoid getting speeding tickets, which you may be aware are expensive violations.

With real-time vehicle trackers, it also reduces any delays in delivery time, which can impair your organization’s quality of service to your valued users. Moreover, it greatly reduces the likelihood of vehicular accidents that can cause serious damage and injury to both parties involved.

With RAM Tracking, you not only have the right system that will prevent speeding, you also have all the telematics that you need to aid your fleet drivers in driving the right way so that your company maintains a sterling reputation to your valued customers.

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