By RAM Tracking on 24 Oct 2017

Vehicle Tracking System that ensures the highest quality customer service possible

The goal of any transport logistics business has always been to get more customers. Once you get a new client on board, the challenge that your fleet business faces is to earn their business each and every day. Statistics have proven that keeping one existing customer is 5 to 7 times more profitable than earning a new one; therefore, it is paramount that your fleet service is able to deliver outstanding customer service. RAM Tracking's vehicle tracking is technology that ensures efficient fleet management, quality, uptime, and reliability. It allows fleet managers to enhance performance of fleet members by tracking and managing their activities on a real-time basis. RAM Tracking offers a web-based software program where managers utilize an intuitive dashboard that offers:

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Multiple mapping options
  • Real-time locations
  • Proactive communications
  • Real-time alerts

How this vehicle tracking solution allows your fleet service to deliver the highest customer service possible is by monitoring your vehicles’ locations and estimating arrival and departures in real-time. Punctuality is a critical feature that your fleet service must offer to clients and having the ability to give them accurate estimations of when their goods will be delivered or picked up is a great way to give them peace of mind. Other ways that this solution will enhance customer service are:

  • Route Management. In the past, many transport logistic services have lost clients due to their inability to deliver goods on time. In the delivery process, there are a lot of unforeseen factors that can lead to a late delivery such as traffic, bad weather, and pre-existing accidents on the road. With vehicle trackers, fleet managers are able to access satellite views where they can view current traffic conditions in real-time. This feature allows them to reorganize the delivery route and send instructions to fleet drivers so that they avoid any type of delay. With this, your fleet members are always punctual.
  • Tracking Driver Behavior. Another feature that contributes to driver punctuality is driver behavior. RAM Tracking is a telematics solution that ensures efficient schedule compliance as it offers route compliance features where managers are alerted when drivers do not follow road regulations. In addition, managers can also access all regulations of specific roads and highways and coordinate these with fleet members so that they do not get caught by the authorities, which can lead to delays in arrival time.
  • Real-Time Alerts. Fleet drivers constantly face a lot of risks on the road. One of these is theft where an entire vehicle is stolen together with products, equipment, and supplies that belong to clients. To prevent any type of danger, the vehicle tracking solution is equipped with real-time alerts where managers are notified of theft and can immediately inform the proper authorities to retrieve the vehicle together with all equipment. This prevents any loss of inventory for both the fleet provider and their valued customer.

Being able to control all aspects of your fleet service allows business owners and fleet managers to unify all fleet members to continuously deliver excellent customer service. With RAM Tracking, you have the perfect solution to control all aspects of your fleet service.

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