By RAM Tracking on 5 Jun 2017

We are delighted to announce that RAM Global Solutions have achieved an Outstanding accreditation for Customer Service levels by the leading independent assessor, Investor in Customers (IIC).

Following on from the recent success by RAM Tracking (UK) who achieved an Outstanding accreditation in their first IIC assessment in April 2016, the Canadian office undertook a rigorous month-long assessment of our customers, employees and management by IIC which measures how well we performed across the key criteria of meeting and understanding clients’ needs, creating loyalty, and delighting clients.

Chris McClellan, CEO of RAM Tracking delighted with the result commented:

“We are extremely proud of our Canadian office who have managed to achieve an Outstanding rating in their first IIC assessment. Similar to the UK office who undertook their first assessment 12 months ago and also received an Outstanding rating, we have received some really fantastic feedback from our customers as well as a lot of crucial insight into where we can improve on what we are currently doing, giving them an even better experience with RAM.”

Smile Customer Experience Ltd have been working with RAM Tracking for the last 2 years helping them achieve their aims of delivering an exceptional experience for their customers.

Danny Pickering, Managing Director at Smile said:

“We are delighted that RAM continue to implement positive changes as a result of the findings and insights from their latest 2017 Investor in Customers assessment, even more so now that they have for the first time undertaken the assessment for their Canadian business - RAM Global Solutions Ltd. To achieve the IIC Outstanding 2 star rating for their Canadian business is a truly great result and lays the foundation for continued improvement, replicating the first IIC assessment RAM undertook in the UK in 2016”

With RAM Tracking (UK) now consecutively hitting the top award of Exceptional Customer Service twice in the last 6 months, RAM Global Solutions have it firmly in their sights to achieve the same result through the implementation of new internal processes in order to provide an ever-improving experience for its customers, as a direct result of their very own feedback.

Chris McClellan added:

“Our customers have an extremely important, if not the most important, voice in our company. And this is the same for RAM Global. That’s why we are now implementing the same processes and internal restructures as we have seen a great deal of positives in such a short space of time here in the UK, especially in our first response and customer case resolution times.”

“We will be undertaking another IIC Survey towards the back end of this year, based on the feedback we have received it has given us sufficient information to bring the Canadian office up to speed and in line with the UK. We’ll definitely be aiming to achieve the top 3-star award for Exceptional Customer Service over the next 12 months as we have found performing this highly customer centric process every 6 months is fundamental to providing the highest level of service and continuously delighting our customers.”

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