By RAM Tracking on 5 Feb 2019

Vehicle tracking tells you where your vehicles are and whether they’re on schedule, of course. And those benefits are often enough to more than justify your investments in vehicle tracking and fleet management.


But have you thought about what else you might learn and leverage from vehicle tracking?


It turns out every vehicle tracker is part of the Internet of Things (IoT). (See “Five Ways Vehicles are Becoming More Connected.”) This means every vehicle being tracked is generating data that can deliver significant business benefits to almost every fleet operator.


How Vehicle Tracking Data Can Help Your Business


Tracking data can help you identify and curtail speeding and other costly or dangerous driving habits. (See “5 ways companies can reduce their fleet costs.”) Tracking data can be used to optimize vehicle routing. When combined with real-time traffic data, it can help vehicles find alternatives to routes closed by accidents or other events. Tracking data can even help your business improve vehicle maintenance, increase resale value, and lower insurance costs.


These benefits can be magnified when tracking data can be collected, aggregated, and analyzed. Historical tracking data can reveal patterns both beneficial and detrimental to business operations. Analysis of that data can also identify opportunities for operational improvements, and provide justification for their pursuit. Tracking data analysis might even help your business predict and prepare for future changes, challenges, and opportunities, such as fleet expansion or vehicle upgrades.


Any or all of these benefits can help you to cut operating expenses and optimize your people and resources. Your business can also increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling their vehicle-supported needs and requests more consistently and effectively.


Vehicle Tracking: Don’t Go It Alone


Taking full advantage of your vehicle tracking data is likely beyond your business’ IT budget and expertise. And you already have a business to run.


If you want to take maximum advantage of vehicle tracking data efficiently and cost-effectively, you need a partner. Not an IT partner, but a vehicle tracking service that is committed to maximizing the business value of your tracking investments, now and in the future. Your partner must also have the demonstrated experience and savvy to take advantage of relevant technological developments and translate those into benefits for your business.


With the right partner, your business can expand the benefits of vehicle tracking today, and garner new benefits tomorrow as options for tracking data analysis expand. Contact RAM Tracking today to learn more, or to get us started on helping you maximize the business value of the tracking data generated by your fleet.



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