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Photech Environmental

"We have streamlined our dispatch process"

Don Lafleur
Fleet Manager

We have streamlined our dispatch process

Photech Environmental began in 1997 as  a small, specialized environmental solutions provider for small, underserviced businesses in Ontario who produced photo-chemicals and other hazardous waste materials. Since then the Photech family has expanded to service all sizes of waste generators in North America with two facilities, logistics  assets, and partnerships with leaders in government, industry and manufacturing sectors.

Speeding violation overturned

“There were many good reasons why we wanted a tracking system, but to prove a traffic cop had miscalculated a speeding offence wasn’t originally one of them! We liked the functionality of the RAM tracking  system and had it fitted to our fleet of seven vehicles. One of our guys was driving along the 401 near Kingston when he was pulled over for allegedly doing 116 km/h. The fine was $275 for the driver and $275 to us for operating a vehicle without a governor. All of our vehicles have governors that limit speed to 105 km/h, so I decided to check the RAM system for details of the vehicle’s speed at that exact time.  Within a matter of minutes I had printed off the information that our solicitor was able to use successfully in court to have the case thrown out! There’s no way I could have proven this without the RAM system.”

$150 saving per person per week

“Having a tracking system on the vehicles has helped us to become more time efficient. It certainly seems the guys have become more conscious of their time and that’s been reflected in their overtime claims, which are noticeably down from around 60 hours to 50 hours a week. This represents a saving of about $150 per person per week! ”

Streamlined dispatch

“Having your fleet’s movements instantly visible on a computer, cellphone or tablet makes a world of difference when managing your operation. Within a few clicks I can locate the exact position of a vehicle - right down to street level. This allows me to streamline the dispatch process, giving me instant availability of my resources. It saves both time and money, while increasing productivity!”

Considerable fuel savings

“We ask the guys not to leave their engines running unnecessarily.  Unfortunately they did and the fuel bill was going through the roof each month. The guys at RAM are acutely aware of engine idling being a problem for companies, so they’ve got an easy to use reporting system that shows me who left the engine on and for how long. We can then address the issue. This information has helped us to save around 30 bucks a day on idling.”

Professional customer services

“Having the RAM Tracking  system on board our vehicles is like having an extra pair of eyes in the cab. We use this extra level of intelligence to provide a professional customer service, letting our customers know in real time when to expect a vehicle to arrive on site. It certainly impresses them when we give them this detailed level of information!”

The RAM system is easy to use and yet it provides a wealth of detailed intelligence that is geared to help businesses like ours save money on their fleet costs! I consider it to be an essential part of our daily operations.

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