Rhude Drilling and Blasting Inc

Rhude Drilling and Blasting Inc

"The RAM Tracking App allows for flexibility and agility"

Eric Pomerleau
Office Manager

Tracking timings of when employees arrive and leave job sites proved invaluable

Vehicle Tracking for Drilling & Blasting

Ontario based Rhude Drilling & Blasting came to RAM Tracking with 6 vehicles they wanted to monitor and measure on an ongoing basis. Originally, Rhude’s Office Manager, Eric Pomerleau, approached RAM Tracking looking for a system to prevent employees abusing the company vehicles and improve professionalism. RAM Tracking stood out to Eric due to its simple and clear user interface, allowing anyone in the office to very quickly find the location of their vehicles and identify what time they had arrive and departed a job. Being able to accurately track timings of when employees arrive and leave job sites proved invaluable to Rhude Drilling & Blasting. 

Previously the business had to rely on old fashioned timesheeting that could often take up valuable time to go through and analyse. This painstaking process was also a drain on resource when organising payroll. RAM Tracking’s digital vehicle tracking however recorded accurate timings for when staff arrived and left and stored all of this information in the Cloud for easy access.

Since implementing RAM Tracking Rhude Drilling & Blasting have been able to cut back on wages through inaccurate timesheets by an estimated $5,000 a year.

Pushing for higher standards

Using RAM Tracking vehicle tracking technology Rhude Drilling & Blasting believe it’s encouraged “employees to be more professional”. Knowing that there can be no debate about tardiness on site, employees are always eager to arrive on time and leave when is appropriate. As such, Rhude have been able to continue high standards and excellent customer services for their clients as well as avoid any potentially awkward complaints from customers.

Using the RAM Tracking App

Eric at Rhude Drilling & Blasting is also a keen user of the RAM Tracking App (available on iPhone and Android devices) as a way of managing his fleet whilst on the go. The mobile app allows RAM Tracking customers to do everything they can do on our desktop website and regularly proves invaluable for business owners/co-ordinators who can’t always be logged into their computer at the office. The RAM Tracking app allows for flexibility and agility as well as helping business owners log into their vehicle data at any time anywhere in the world.

Key benefits of RAM Tracking

Improved customer service
Reduction in inaccurate timesheet submissions
Improved productivity and efficiency from staff
Mobile app allows access at any time anywhere
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