Who uses vehicle tracking?

RAM Tracking has thousands of customers across Canada in various different industries who take advantage of the many benefits that our vehicle tracking system offers. Site-based industries find vehicle tracking essential to streamline work and run both time and monetary savings for their businesses.

An image showing your fleet of vehicles being tracked on a map with insets of the individual workers at those locations

What do vehicle trackers do?

Simply put, vehicle trackers are designed to track your fleet of vehicles, regardless of what type of vehicle they are. Once they are installed they can inform the fleet manager of:

  • Movement.
  • Live location.
  • Driver behaviour.

This is achieved while the vehicles are on the move through the use of the GPS satellite system. This works together with Google Maps which uses a number of satellites in various positions to triangulate the current location of each vehicle. Using this with a multi-business sim allows you to have full coverage across the US, Canada and beyond.

Our trackers are roughly the size of a matchbox for discretion to help avoid anyone tampering with it and will be installed under the dashboard.

Image of tracked cars on a highway.

How does vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking begins upon ignition, the GPS has a constant link that updates every minute to keep you in the loop with the latest information from each of your vehicles. The routes that your fleet of vehicles takes gets stored so it can be analyzed at a later date by using our series of reports, perfect for what a manager needs from a vehicle tracking system. An example of one of our reports is:

  • Travel Report - The classic report that shows any given journey(s) over a specific time frame that looks at:
    • Start/stop.
    • Overall time taken.
    • Distance travelled.
    • Time spent at each stop.
    • Average speed and idling time.

You can collate all of this and understand your drivers overall performances and this makes it easy to see where issues might be and which drivers have low productivity and poor habits.

image of a semi truck driving along the road with an inset image of the vehicle being tracked on a map

Vehicle tracking for semis, trucks and HGVs

With increasing fuel costs making up a large percentage of the running costs for freight transport and consumer goods businesses, a vehicle tracking system can help businesses identify how and where they can improve their efficiency.

We provide tracking for semis, trucks and HGVs that help customer services teams provide:

  • More accurate estimate times of arrival.
  • Improving customer satisfaction through time efficiencies.
  • Checkpoint options to see if drivers are ahead or behind schedules 

If a driver gets into a problem, for example, a vehicle breakdown, the system is capable of getting the driver to send an instant notification allowing the fleet manager to reassign other jobs in the system and avoid potential issues with customers.

image of a van being tracked by a vehicle tracking system. the inset show the driver details and the vehicle reference number.

Vehicle tracking systems for vans

We work with many businesses that rely on vans to trade. From small companies of just a few vehicles to larger enterprises with vehicles in the thousands, our van tracking system is ideal for deliveries and site-based services with an easily scalable system to cope with growth. Many van fleets like the peace of mind tracking brings for:

  • Recovery if a vehicle is stolen.
  • Knowing that staff are on-site or where they should be for work.
  • Paperless and robust expense receipt capture.

By knowing where vans are at any time should a problem or urgent request arise you can see who's nearest to handle the task at hand.

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image of an aerial view of a highway with heavy traffic including commercial vehicles being tracked by our system and an inset graph showing the savings made by implementing changes to driver behavior.

Vehicle tracking to help monitor your fleet

Keep track of large fleets and assets with our advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems.

  • Re-route lost drivers.
  • Cut fuel costs.
  • Reduce your fleet size by increasing productivity.

Our email alert system can proactively inform you of instances of all the reports mentioned and many more in order to be more agile and react faster. 

The technology behind telematics lies in how cars and vehicles are connected to a system and to each other.

So, if you are looking to save costs, reduce fleet size without limiting workload, or want to just save your business time and money, get in touch so we can show you a demonstration of the vehicle tracking system.

image of a worker in his tracked car with an inset showing where he is located on a map like the system would highlight

Vehicle tracking for company cars 

Get visibility on how your company’s vehicles are being used by staff, without calling to check up on them. Tracking your company cars has been proven to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Prevent misuse of company resources.
  • Help with separating business use with grey fleets.
  • Easily see when vehicles are due for servicing.

We also have a daily circle check option for drivers to fill out on the app allowing fleet managers to see if there are any potential issues with the vehicles and schedule maintenance with the minimum of disruption to the business.

Why are RAM Tracking the best for vehicle tracking?


Get a live map view of your drivers, their status, and all the data you need to improve the efficiency of your business.


Remove the admin and reams of paperwork from vehicle tracking with our easy-to-read reports that can be customized.


Stay ahead with your fleet management, and make sure your vehicles are always in range, no matter where they are.


We keep your vehicles off the road for as little time as possible with a 30-minute installation at any address and at your convenience.

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