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The average diesel engine burns through fuel at an alarming rate when not moving with ignition on. Furthermore you are also paying your staff a wage to be sat their being unproductive in the vehicle. Both of which, if not monitored can become very costly to your business.

The average diesel engine can burn at least $5p/h per hour when not moving with ignition on. Sometimes even more than this depending on your vehicle type. Based on this the idling time stated above, this has cost you.

Missing out on extra jobs due to unproductive and inefficient drivers leads to companies losing hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Lost time adds up at an alarming rate when not monitored and when cut out this means extra jobs can be worked into your normal working day/week.

Such as time lost on inefficient routes, idling time, unnecessarily long stops with customers & drivers running personal errands.

Unnecessary standing/Waiting time at jobs/Deliveries can significantly impact productivity, with RAM you are able to prove arrival and waiting time to ensure your drivers are been as efficient as possible and also charge this back to your client. On average how many wasted minutes per day, per vehicle do you estimate you spend waiting on jobs?

One of the most noticeable differences you can expect to see by installing RAM Tracking will be a significant decrease in private ‘out of hours’ mileage. Before RAM Tracking was installed our customers typically observed an average of 50km per vehicle per week in private mileage alone. With 50km costing around $20, fuel bills can soon escalate. Enter your average private mileage below:

Running your fleet without a vehicle tracking system in place can lead you to be blind to where your vehicles are out on the road. Due to this it’s very common that when trying to allocate drivers to a job it can become unnecessarily hard to get hold of your drivers. When you eventually do they may claim they’re nowhere near the job. Or even claim that their driving hours are up and can’t attend.

With tracking in place this problem becomes a thing of the past as you have full transparency of your fleet. So you will NEVER miss out on a job again. Ensuring you’re maximising your productivity.

How much does vehicle tracking cost?

Our core objective is to help businesses realise the commercial benefits of our vehicle tracking services and to help them reduce costs across all their operations. No matter the size of the fleet, vehicle tracking is proven to benefit a business if you would like to increase productivity, reduce fuel bills and improve customer service. The cost of vehicle trackers is generally far outweighed by the benefits that vehicle tracking brings. 

Person using RAM Tracking software on their phone and laptop

The cost of vehicle tracking

Our vehicle tracking prices aims to include as much as possible so you can be confident there are no hidden fees.

As standard, when you purchase a vehicle tracker from us the cost will include the following;


  • GPS vehicle tracking unit (one per vehicle)
  • Installation of the tracking unit into the vehicle of your choice at a location to suit you
  • Access to the RAM Tracking portal for reporting, location and analysis tools
  • Easy-to-understand training to ensure you are comfortable with the interface and reporting features

Person using RAM Tracking software on their phone

The benefits of vehicle tracking

The question most people ask is how much does vehicle tracking cost? in most cases the benefits far outweigh the initial costs involved. Some may opt for cheap vehicle tracking, this isn't advisable as hidden costs usually rise later down the line for installation and additional services. As a standard when you purchase a vehicle tracker from us the competitive cost will also include the fiollowing: 


  • Stress-free on boarding - this allows us to get you set up and ready to use your system as soon as the units have been installed
  • RAM Tracking Mobile App -  All our customers can download and use our vehicle tracking app that features many of the same functionality as our web interface but on their smartphones
  • Regular support from our technical team for any questions or issues that may arise
  • Future product updates and latest technology developments included

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