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If you have considered tracking your company vehicles to increase productivity, reduce fuel bills and improve customer service and you're wondering where the return on investment will come from.. use our unique 'Do The Math' calculator to figure out your savings.. you might be surprised with your results!

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One of the most noticeable differences you can expect to see by installing RAM Tracking will be a significant decrease in private ‘out of hours’ mileage. Before Ram Tracking was installed our customers typically observed an average of 50km per vehicle per week in private mileage alone. With 25km costing around $10, fuel bills can soon escalate. Enter your average private mileage below:

Before installing RAM Tracking, many of our customers found a lot of their time was spent calling around various drivers to check their location and status before allocating a new job. With RAM Tracking you can locate the nearest vehicle to a job in seconds, saving your business valuable time, and money.

Proving your driver or staff member attended a job you have billed for can sometimes lead to disputes. With RAM Tracking’s reports you are backed up by being able prove the arrival and finish times accurately. Our customers typically receive an average of one billing dispute per week. If you charge by the hour, disputes can soon run up to hundreds of dollars in losses each month.

If you have one, two or three employees in a vehicle, and that vehicle arrives late to a job, leaves early or took off site, the amount of lost minutes per day soon adds up. Using the calculator below please state the number of employees in a vehicle and the estimated minutes lost per day, by that vehicle.

Fuel and salary costs are the two main areas of cost that RAM Tracking helps to significantly reduce.

Entering your current monthly salary and fuel costs below will calculate the percentage cost of RAM tracking against these two outlays.