Courier & Delivery

RAM Tracking has provided multiple benefits to courier and delivery based businesses over the years. Our vehicle trackers are well suited for businesses that need to stay on top of their fleet management and require real-time location data to help support customer service.

Courier & Delivery

Vehicle tracking features

Installing a RAM Tracking GPS device into your fleet of courier and delivery vans, trucks and cars can yield huge business benefits including;

  • Live vehicle location: Our easy to use dashboard allows users to log in and track their fleet from anywhere in the world. This functionality is particularly useful for courier and delivery businesses that need to provide customers with real-time monitoring of their packages.
  • Estimated time of arrival: RAM Tracking’s live telematics data means that businesses can provide customers with accurate estimated time of arrival to the exact minute. Our vehicle tracking software records the GPS location and  to help our customers accurately project where their vehicles are.
  • Automated reporting: RAM Tracking allows users to generate and proactively emails easy to read reports to help businesses make better operational decisions. Take our idling report that shows how long vehicles are left parked up with the engine on. Identifying such information could help reduce fuel costs drastically.
  • Driver speeding alerts: Many RAM Tracking customers in the courier and delivery business need to ensure that their drivers are working responsibly and within the legal speeding limit. RAM Tracking’s alert system can notify fleet managers or operation centres via email within seconds if drivers exceed the speed limit.

Business benefits of vehicle tracking to the courier and delivery industry

If you manage or own a courier or delivery business, installing RAM Tracking devices could help revolutionise the way you manage your fleet and save you thousands from low productivity. The business benefits for installing a vehicle tracker include;

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Prove/disprove customer complaints re. time of arrival
  • Improved driver safety
  • Improved route planning & driving efficiency
  • More detailed customer service response
  • Anti-theft prevention for vehicles

Cumbria Blood Bikes trust RAM Tracking

Established in 2014, Cumbria Blood Bikes is a volunteer-based charity that acts as a courier service to the National Health Service. Often transporting urgent medical packages such as plasma or blood for transfusions, Blood Bikes needed a vehicle tracking system they could rely on to not just manage their fleet but boost their duty of care processes.

Often facing the rigours of North West weather, Blood Bikes drivers often struggled to provide their location to HQ by calling or texting. Delays to delivery were obviously crucial to avoid so Blood Bikes contacted RAM Tracking to make use of our real-time, discreet and award-winning vehicle trackers.

“Before RAM Tracking they spent time calling the drivers to check their whereabouts. Live tracking stops this altogether, there’s no need to pro-actively call the driver anymore helping them to concentrate on the courier service we provide.”

To find out more how we helped Cumbria Blood Bikes and improve their courier service, read our courier vehicle tracking case study.