212 Lite Dash Cam

for Business Vehicles

RAM Tracking are an official supplier of 212 Lite Dash Cams, designed specifically for business vehicle usage to help protect against theft and insurance claims.

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Our Dash Cam is specifically built for businesses and fleet managers in order to provide you with a new dimension in your vehicle tracking solution.

Our Dash Cams allow them to be removed and swapped between vehicles with ease as well as use G-sensor technology to automatically record and save video footage if the vehicle is impacted/disturbed – even when parked.

All of our Dash Cams are fitted by our expert engineers so there’s no stress of hiding or placing wiring. Our team will come to any location in the United Kingdom to install as to not disrupt your business operations. You can then have peace of mind that your vehicles are not only being tracked but you have 100% visibility of them as well.

What are Dash Cams for business / fleet managers?
Who is the RAM Tracking Dash Cam for?

Who is the RAM Tracking Dash Cam for?

Our Dash Cam be used by anyone looking to add more security and monitoring to their existing vehicle and fleet tracking systems. Our fleet Dash Cams will have incredible benefit though for those who have large corporate fleets such as couriers or retail businesses. Installation of a Dash Cam will be of particular benefit to fleet and office managers who can use the video evidence as part of insurance claims or employee investigation.

Our video dashboard camera can also be used by Human Resource teams for encouraging better driver safety and reviewing potential/past driving accidents. As part of an education strategy, having employee driver footage could help encourage safer driving habits and save your business millions in the long run.

What Dash Cam technology do we use?

Our official and partnership with Nextbase means that we're offering our customers the Nextbase 212 Lite. The 212 provides the exclusive Nextbase Click&Go magnetic powered mount. This technology means that the Dash Cam itself is cable free, with the power going to the mount. This allows it to be removed and re-setup instantly, which is ideal for fleet vehicles.

The Nextbase 212 has a 140 degree wide angle view in full 1080p High Definition video saved onto a Micro SD card. Boasting a 30fps (frames per second) recording, it is amongst the clearest and detailed Dash Cams available meaning that detail such as vehicle registration plates are legibly recorded in the event of an accident.

All of our dashboard cameras come equipped with an inbuilt motion G-sensor should the vehicle get into an accident so the system can start recording and ensure the video file isn’t saved over at a later date.

What Dash Cam technology do we use?

What are the benefits of fleet Dash Cams?


Dash Cams or dashboard cameras can prove to be invaluable investments as the footage they capture can help:

  • Provide proof of accident in insurance cases. A Dash Cam video recording can be used to dispute who is at fault in an accident especially in suspected crash-for-cash scams. Such evidence can also speed up the insurance claims process.
  • Monitor driver behaviour. Combined with our award winning vehicle tracking, video footage can be retrieved from the Dash Cam to analyse and prove dangerous driving behaviour as well as be used as a deterrent.
  • Video footage is recorded using automatic sensors, so should your vehicle suffer a collision whilst parked, the Dash Cam will automatically start recording. This footage could be invaluable in finding hit-and-run drivers.
  • Dash Cam video files can be used to educate other drivers in your fleet as a training aid. Footage from accidents or specific instances can be recalled and used to help new or younger drivers get to grips with their vehicle.
  • Unlike many other Dash Cams, our Dash Cam has a magnetic powering system which avoids dangling or hidden wires that can be difficult to transfer should you wish to move the Dash Cam to another vehicle. The Click&Go magnetic system means that the camera can be removed, swapped and secured in a second.

How much does the RAM Tracking Dash Cam cost?

Our new Dash Cam can be purchased by clicking the button below. Existing customers can speak to us to find out how they can order their Dash Cam and organise for one of our engineers to install the units across their fleet.

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