Insurance and Disputes

Every fleet manager knows that trying to make an insurance claim can often be tough work. The first port of call for an insurer is to figure out who was to blame for the damage/accident. Unfortunately, in this day and age there are lots of fake whiplash claims, crash-for-cash and insurance fraud scams that can make a claim even more difficult. 

Furthermore, with a number of uninsured drivers on the road potentially crashing and then dashing, it’s never been so important that businesses do everything they can to protect their drivers and assets.

Our professionally fitted business dash cams record video footage in High Definition quality. This allows any recorded clips to be used for potential insurance claims or disputes. All footage recorded by the dash cam can be stamped with date, time and even location for accuracy and authenticity.

How can dash cams be used for insurance or dispute resolution purposes?

Below are some examples of where a dash cam can be used to rectify a situation:

  • No insurance – Research from 3 years ago suggested there are nearly half a million motorists driving without insurance in the UK. In many instances of an accident with a non-insured driver, the non-insured driver may attempt to flee the scene before you can swap details. Dash cam footage that is of a high resolution can easily record the vehicle registration plate that can then be passed onto the authorities.
  • Avoiding scams – Insurance scams are becoming more popular and complex. Whether scammers are braking harshly to cause a crash or even simply pretending to be hit, dash cam footage can immediately stop these scams and provide the police and insurers with valuable evidence.
  • Blame – Often in heavy traffic or in the heat of the moment after an accident, it’s common that the actual incident may be hard to remember. Dash cams help record unbiased and clear evidence of who was to blame. This footage may prove invaluable for protecting your insurance premium.
  • Dispute resolution – For many businesses, dash cam footage can be used in conjunction with vehicle tracking to prove that work was undertaken or that the conduct of the driver was acceptable. Many taxi firms can use dash cam footage to demonstrate challenges such as how long they waited or even abuse they may have received from passengers.