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A smarter way to get business intelligence

Get instant access to smarter vehicle trackers with a fully connected workforce. Improve instantly efficiency and scalability with powerful report insights tailored to fit your business. We understand that sifting through detailed reports is a major challenge for enterprise businesses, that’s why we’ve designed our system to be fully integratable, with the ability to have unlimited users, every department will benefit.

RAM works intelligently to push key information to all areas of the business, so you can quickly make well informed decisions backed by powerful data, as well as easily identify opportunities for cost reductions and improved business productivity through RAM’s suite of financial reports.

A smarter way to get business intelligence

Stay compliant with HMRC

It’s a quick and easy way for you to improve your record-keeping and business processes so you can keep your business compliant at the touch of a button. RAM Tracking has been specifically designed to make it easy for larger businesses to stay compliant with over-complicated taxation laws, providing you with paperless evidence you can supply on demand, fully equipped with detailed information of the movements of your entire fleet, saving you vital time and costs on unnecessary tax penalties.

Stay compliant with HMRC

Stay connected with the RAM app

Available for free on both Apple and Android devices stay connected with RAM Tracking’s mobile app, helping businesses to keep close tabs on their vehicles while on the move. The app gives you full transparency so you can see at the touch of a button:

  • Live locations of your entire fleet – colour coded for ease of use
  • Make sure your drivers are taking the most efficient routes
  • Find the nearest vehicle to a new incoming job
  • Easy to use suite of reports – access all the detail you need to know wherever you are in the world

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A smarter way to get business intelligence

Better Duty of Care

Dig deeper into your data to really understand how your vehicles are being driven, RAM Tracking does so much more than track the whereabouts of your vehicles, it gives you a complete picture so you can easily monitor events such as speeding, idling and harsh breaking all of which are colour coded to make it easy for you to see how each of your drivers are behaving.

Better duty of care

Running a greener fleet

Improve operational efficiency whilst lowering costs and CO2 emissions with RAM Tracking. With immediate access to live tracking you can keep close tabs on your drivers making sure that they’re taking the most cost-efficient routes and reducing time on the road by avoiding traffic.

RAM's Green Report gives you all the information you need to know to make sure you’re adhering with your corporate ‘Green policy’ instantly you can see on a daily or weekly basis:

  • How long your vehicle was driven for
  • How many times they broke the speed limit
  • Their CO2 outputs
  • Number of Idling events

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