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When choosing from the number of options when it comes to fleet fuel cards, it’s important to pick one that is right for you. RAM Tracking's bp fuel card will help you to reduce your costs whilst working towards electrifying your fleet with helpful solutions from bp.

Take advantage of bp’s commercial fuel card included with our Plus package to help your business reduce emissions with a dedicated programme, and make easy cashless payments through a mobile app. A fuel savings card is an innovative solution for a better tomorrow.


Save up to 10p per litre on diesel, petrol or electric fuel at over 1,400 bp sites.

7-day payment terms at over 3,500 sites across the UK.

Digital application process helps customers gain access to their card within 48 hours.

image of a pb forecourt and inset a picture of the bp fuel card

Use the bp fuel card nationwide!

Drivers who are on their way to a job don’t need to go out of the way to use their company fuel card. You can use your bp fuel card at over 3,500 sites across the UK. Enjoy peace of mind with instant alerts as well as vigilant fraud detection

Regardless of the size of your fleet bp fuel cards for business are the way forward. Your fleet can consist of cars, vans, trucks, or anything else, you have access to a range of benefits that help to bring down fuel costs, increasing efficiency and helping to lighten the workload.


image of bp garage sign where customers can save 8p per litre of fuel

Exclusive savings

RAM Tracking’s partnership with bp provides fuel cards for small businesses as well as large businesses! You get the same incredible saving regardless of your fleet size.

Enjoy up to 10p per litre off the pump price at any of over 1,200 bp sites, allows you to take advantage of 7-day payback terms. The bp fuel cards allow you to take a tighter control of your budget and remain on top without having to immediately pay for your fuel.

The up to 10p off per litre saving accounts not just for petrol and diesel, this also extends to electric vehicles and the cost to recharge them. This allows you to ensure that whilst you move towards electrifying your fleet, you are saving money!


image of bp fuel pumps where customers can save 8p per litre

Quick application

If you’re looking for fleet fuel cards, RAM Tracking provides you with powerful savings regardless of what type of fuel you want to refuel your fleet with.

The application couldn’t be easier:

  • It takes about 20 minutes.
  • bp aims to have applications in 24 hours, bp will request photo ID verification.
  • Digital process allows customers to gain access to their card details within 48 hours.

From here, you can upload your card details into the BPme app so you can instantly use at bp forecourts. This ensures that the bp card is the best fuel card for small fleets as well as large fleets. 

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Simple yet powerful

With fuel cards, you can reduce your carbon emissions, in a cost-effective manner. Receive HMRC recognised invoices, which are then stored online in a personal secured account. This helps your company to save time on expenses.

Control your fuel spend better with efficient, digital solutions.

By using this fleet fuel card there is easy-to-use integration with RAM Tracking’s fleet management software. So you have everything available to you on your mobile app.

Having access to an incredible 10p per litre saving off of the pump price opens your business to savings of over £140 per vehicle, per year! These are incredibly cheap fuel cards based on the savings as the average fleet saves over £1,000 per year!

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Access your exclusive savings today with a bp fuel card from RAM Tracking, one of the best company fuel cards on the market. We’d be more than happy to go through any questions that you may have. 

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