GPS Tracking Systems

Most people are familiar with GPS navigation, which uses information from satellites to find a vehicle’s location on the road then guides the driver to their destination. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems take this process one step further.

GPS Tracking Systems

RAM’s accredited engineers will visit your business to install the small GPS vehicle tracking devices (90 x 66 x 30mm) hidden discreetly out of sight, usually behind the dash. The tracker reports each vehicle’s movement and position back to our servers via the mobile network in real time.

Most systems work in a similar way. The difference with RAM’s asset tracking technology  is what we do with the  information. We  utilise the information effectively  to help you improve the way in which your business operates.

Easier to use means more effective

RAM makes business vehicle tracking technology more effective by making it easier to use. We ‘crunch the numbers’ into useful reports that you can act on to make improvements to your business.

All your data is stored on our servers. Access is via the internet, so you can log on securely anytime, anywhere – including via mobile devices.

The interface is simple and intuitive, even for those who aren't so technically savvy. And, unlike other systems, we guarantee safe storage of your historical data for at least three years. This means  you can analyse past performance and maximise efficiency, or provide reports for customers or the tax man.

You can set up automatic email alerts to flag up problems, such as a vehicle which has stopped for too long, or diverted to an unauthorised location stop.

The best part is there’s no capital investment needed up-front. RAM’s services are based on a subscription model. Almost all  of our 3,500 customers tell us they improved fleet productivity by at least 10-20% within the first month, saving them valuable money that they can put back into the business.

Constant innovation

RAM invests heavily in research and development. That’s how we secured our position as a market leader in the GPS tracking systems industry. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service, like accessing information through mobile devices for easier access and faster response.

As  RAM is a subscription based service, you automatically receive system updates as we release them, so your GPS tracking and technology  is always up to date and won’t become obsolete.

  • Easy and intuitive fleet tracking system
  • Hidden vehicle trackers fitted quickly onsite
  • Vehicle position shown in real time
  • Data sent via the mobile networks
  • Access securely anytime via the web
  • Numerous user-adaptable reports
  • Set automated alerts to fix problems fast
  • Full UK-based technical and user support
  • No cash up front
  • Full term warranty