Automated Reporting

Traditional fleet management often involved sheets of paperwork with mileage records, expense claims, fuel cards, passenger logs and timesheets. Sifting through all of this paperwork to find a single bit of information or to get an idea of how many miles your fleet has travelled in a week, can be a gruelling and exhaustive process.

Today’s modern fleet managers however have the benefit of vehicle tracking platforms like RAM Tracking. A fully digital and online system means that every mile, movement and expense can be recorded into the cloud, ready to be extracted at a moment’s notice. However, one of the key benefits of our vehicle tracking system over competitors is that the RAM Tracking system allows users to automate their reporting.

What is automated reporting?

Automated reporting is just as it sounds – all of your daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly reports created in a second. Thousands of lines of vehicle data can be analysed and compiled into a neat and tidy document, filtered by date, driver, vehicle or location.

What are the benefits of automated reporting?

There are numerous benefits of automating your vehicle tracking reports, including:

  1. Automated reporting take all the stress out of reporting. This means that morale can remain positive and happy as employees don’t have to face the thankless task of trawling through old paperwork or spending hours staring at spreadsheets.
  2. Our reports are automatically generated based on the user’s criteria which means that there is significantly less time spent on general admin. This saved time can instead be spent on analysing the data and carrying our actions found from the insights.
  3. Many businesses will often be required to very quickly compile detailed and accurate data for the likes of HMRC to show they are properly auditing and reporting on their fleet. Our system allows users to show this auditing process in a matter of seconds.
  4. Our reporting suite can help improve customer service. Many businesses may face complaints about time of arrival or departure, or that work wasn’t undertaken. Customer service teams can quickly generate a report to show their client the exact time and place their team were, thereby helping diffuse a potentially harmful situation in a few seconds.
  5. Because all of our reports are generated digitally, there is less risk of human error or inaccuracies. This can prove vital for HMRC audits, financial planning and disputing customer complaints.

What automated reporting features does RAM Tracking offer?

Financial Reports

Our accurate and in-depth financial reports can help you increase your profits in the current economic climate. Our financial reports provide you with a detailed overview of the costs associated with each job, whilst taking into account labour costs and fuel expenditure.

Email alerts

Get customisable email alerts on a range of features. From ignition alerts to help you keep track of employee’s out-of-hours vehicle usage, to reminders when a vehicle’s M.O.T is due, choose the most convenient option for you.

Timesheet Reports

Customers can use our timesheet reports to see when vehicles arrived and departed from jobs/on-site. These can be used as an alternative to traditional timesheets.

Speeding Reports

Find out which drivers are most prone to speeding with our automated speeding reports. Identify repeat offenders and use the historic speeding data as part of your internal processes such as training, warnings or employee dismissal.

Engine Idling Reports

Identify instances where the engine in your vehicles has been on but the vehicle hasn’t been moving. Engine idling is bad for the environment and can incur thousands in costs from inefficient fuel usage.