Fleet Management

What is RAM Fleet Club?

RAM Fleet Club is a partnership with leading fleet management company Academy Fleet Solutions. Our partnership allows us to offer customers old and new complete funding and fleet management services across the United Kingdom.

Fleet management is typically the second largest on-going business cost and as such, failing to use the right technology and right processes can be a costly poor decision. RAM Fleet Club delivers bespoke fleet management operations and products to ensure optimum cost and operational efficiency.

When you sign up to RAM Fleet Club you’ll receive expert consultancy to help identify areas of improvement to reduce cost and improve efficiency across your fleet.

See below for the typical areas and products that we can help with.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet management can be one of the most time consuming and resource intensive aspects of a business. Knowing the location and managing the activity of an entire fleet of vehicles in real time is just half the battle. Making sense of any data gathered, and using it to plan future operations is another. Fortunately, RAM Tracking’s solutions are here to help businesses improve efficiency and productivity while saving money too.

There are lots of headaches that fleet managers face that cost both time and money. Lost drivers, vehicle maintenance and inefficient routes are just some of them. By using our car, HGV and van tracking technology and software, fleet managers can ensure they’re getting the most out of their assets.

The process is simple too; trackers can be fitted to most vehicles, which then use GPS to relay their location to our servers where the information is stored. Data is available for customers to view over the internet via a desktop or mobile device, meaning it can be accessed at any time and from any location in the world. Managers can oversee day-to-day activities in real-time, and also historical data to help inform where particular drivers need to improve, or which routes may be inefficient for instance.