Saving time and money

RAM Tracking, also known as smart vehicle tracking, takes fleet management to a whole new level. It's 100% automated which means you don't even need to login, the system will alert you when something has happened meaning you don’t have to waste time searching through those detailed reports.

Saving time and money

RAM Tracking works intelligently pushing key information directly to you so you don't need to login, this information contains things like private mileage (un-authorised use), idling and even speeding. You simply tell us what you need to know and when, then sit back and we'll do the rest.

How does it save me money?

RAM provides you with a complete picture of your fleet without you physically having to be there with every single driver, this holistic view enables you to effectively manage your fleet and reduce costs. RAM Tracking can help you to save money on:

  • Private mileage – reducing fuel consumption, along with wear and tear on your vehicle(s)
  • Efficient route planning – save money on fuel by making sure your drivers are taking the most cost-effective routes for jobs
  • Excessive idling – stop your drivers from burning fuel through idling
  • Speeding – monitor how well your employees are driving your vehicles, speeding and harsh breaking can not only have an impact on fuel consumption but also wear and tear on your vehicle(s)

We have worked out that RAM customers are saving on average £71* per week per vehicle. Equating to a huge annual saving.

Click here and see for yourself how much you could save with the RAM ‘Do the Maths’ calculator.

*This figure is an average of all visitors that have done 'The Do The Maths' calculator