Theft Protection

One of the most obvious benefits of the RAM Tracking vehicle tracking system is that our GPS trackers can be used to retrieve stolen vehicles in a matter of minutes. Businesses are often heavily dependent on their vehicles, so when such an expensive and crucial asset is stolen, this can often be enough to severely disrupt a business, even to the point of causing a business to close down.

What is the impact of theft on a business?


Vehicles such as cars, lorries, trucks and vans are expensive overheads and assets. They’re significant investments that allow the business to carry out work, transport staff and move much-needed supplies and goods. So when a vehicle is stolen it may cause operations to cease, or more pressure to be spread across the fleet. The extra time spent trying to re-plan operations or simply deal with the law enforcement agencies, takes precious time away from serving customers and retaining profits.

Vehicles that are stolen and then damaged or lost entirely often require hours of paperwork, research and effort to replace.


Contacting your insurer to report the theft of a vehicle and make a claim carries with it a lot of stress and time. More than often, the insurer will require large quantities of data and information, which may involve your business spending a large amount of time trying to collate old valuations, receipts and logbooks. Insurance claims are likely to raise a wide variety of questions such as ‘will the full valuation of the vehicle be paid out?’ or ‘will our insurance premiums go up in price?’.


Suffering a theft, even of a business vehicle is extremely stressful and can have a huge emotional impact on the fleet manager, driver and business owner. The financial implications of the theft can be enough to cause emotional and mental strain on an individual. Furthermore, the vehicle stolen may have contained important business equipment or even personal belongings that are irreplaceable.


Depending on your level of insurance cover, theft can cause huge financial repercussions on a business. Businesses with small fleets may need to cancel jobs/work due to a lack of transportation or equipment. The time and cost spent making an insurance claim or dealing with the authorities can be hugely unproductive during business hours. Even replacement vehicles may perhaps be less fuel efficient and therefore cost the business more in fuel costs.

How does RAM Tracking help prevent theft?

All of our GPS vehicle trackers are discreetly installed on every vehicle meaning that it’s hard to find and tamper with the device. In many instances of theft, the thieves have had no idea that the vehicle is even being tracked.

Customers who have used RAM Tracing to retrieve their vehicle have found that being able to access the app or web interface immediately has been a pivotal reason for their success. RAM Tracking customers can quickly find the stolen vehicle and pinpoint its location down to just a few metres. This information can then be provided to the authorities who can chase down the thieves and retrieve the vehicle before there’s been any damage to it.