Your Winter Driving Checklist

Your Winter Driving Checklist

Although we’ve had a glorious Summer, we can not be blind to the Winter temperatures that will eventually hit us once again. As we all know driving in winter can be potenially very dangerous n Winter the driving is potentially dangerous due to different weather conditions, it is therefore crucial that your business and fleet prepare for the worst-case scenario.

So, we have put together our very own free downloadable checklist of essentials you should have in your vehicle in the Winter months!


Here are our top 5 essentials form the checklist to carry in your car in the Winter months: 

  1. Reflectors or Flares
  2. Sturdy Scraper, Snow Shovel, and Snow brush
  3. Screenwash & Demisting Pads
  4. Lock De-Icer
  5. Torch & Reflective Triangle and Vest


Please feel free to download this useful guide and share the information to ensure everyone is safe on the road over the winter periods.

Stay safe!