2016 at RAM Tracking

2016 at RAM Tracking

By RAM Tracking on 19 Dec 2016

As the year draws to a close, we’re looking back on 2016. It’s been a good year for RAM Tracking and our award-winning vehicle tracking systems. We moved into a bigger workspace, meaning we could expand our workforce, as well as taking part in two Investor in Customers surveys. In April this year, we achieved the two star “Outstanding” accreditation. We listened to the needs of our customers, built on their ideas and implemented new and improved processes, which resulted us investing in another IIC survey in November, and the full top three star “Exceptional” accreditation. RAM is the only tracking company to achieve this esteemed award. Here are some of the improvements to our vehicle tracking systems that have been made in 2016:

New alerts

The lone worker alert notifies fleet managers if a member of staff hasn’t moved for a certain period of time, enhancing their duty of care and fleet management. This alert is perfect for industries where workers are visiting jobs on their own, such as estate agents.

The fatigue alert has been specifically created for businesses with long-distance drivers. This notifies the fleet manager if their employee has been driving for long periods of time, allowing them to advise their driver to take a break and ensure that their business complies with road safety regulations.

Quicker installations

With the creation of the engineer mobile app, our engineers can install telematics tracking units in a much less time consuming manner. The implementation of this has boosted our customer satisfaction, as the engineer app minimises the time their vehicles have to be off the road.

Improvements to usability

Our customers can now right-click on any vehicle within the system, which launches a new pop-up menu allowing them to access five of the most used reports. This helps you to access all your vital information all in one place, without having to flick between different scenes., saving you even more vital time that you can reinvest into other areas of your business.

There have also been improvements to RAM’s mobile phone app, such as access to new reports, and generating PDFs directly from their mobile phone.

Customer training

We have created over 40, 2-minute training videos for our customers to access quickly to understand all the features of their vehicle tracking systems. This allows our customers to self-learn, or book free unlimited training with our expert trainers.

As you can see, here at RAM Tracking, we have listened to the needs of our customers and made changes accordingly. Our customers lead our innovation, and we are looking forward to making even more improvements in 2017, helping fleet managers nationwide to manage their growing fleet of commercial vehicles even more efficiently.

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