4 Tips That Can Help You Reduce Costs Within Your Business

4 Tips That Can Help You Reduce Costs Within Your Business

By RAM Tracking on 23 May 2016

4 Top Tips for Service and Maintenance Businesses 

#Tip1 - Respond to your customers even quicker!

Emergency call out times are something that you should look to always improve and if you’re not getting them right, another company is. Brand loyalty means nothing when someone is under pressure and timing is everything. Not only do you have to respond as soon as you can, you have got to beat the rest of the competition. 

RAM’s live tracking locates your nearest vehicle in seconds and ensures that you can find the quickest route to your customer. This allows you to give them an accurate arrival time and you can already be planning for the next emergency call out after the current one. 

#Tip2 – Be fast, but safe

We know the difficulties when it comes to responding to emergency calls but the laws have to be abided by. There is a duty of care to look after your drivers and ensure they stay on the correct side of the law. You can incentivise them with our speeding league table, whilst also being able to approach repeat offenders with hard facts. 

Did you know that our out of five company car drivers have admitted to speeding?* It’s time to make those awkward conversations easier. 

#Tip3 - Stay on the right side of the road with HMRC

Keeping on the right side of the tax man is critical in business and when you have a fleet, keeping on top of private mileage is imperative. HMRC demand that you declare when and how your vans are being used and they can fine you heavily if your vans are being used for anything other than work. 

Ram tracking can eradicate any private mileage and we average a saving of £1196 per month to our customers with a fleet size of 8 - This is £14,352** per year! You also have an accurate representation of where employee time is spent every day.  

#Tip4 - Eliminate Billing Disputes!

When it comes to rapid response, the emergency can be long gone by invoicing time. This means that it is key to get the facts right and by using RAM, this can be done easily. We encourage customers to use the tracking reports as electronic job sheets that can be emailed across to customers who can verify drivers’ time on site and job duration. 

Being clear and fair with your customers can go a long way and helps to ensure that the number they call in their next emergency is yours.  

RAM tracking has been designed for rapid response services. For more information or to have a live demonstration on how RAM can help your business, please do get in touch with us by using the details below – 

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*Statistics provided by Fleetnews **Information taken from visitors that took part in the Do the Maths calculator.

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