By RAM Tracking on 7 Feb 2018

With Valentines Day fast approaching, here's 5 quick reasons why our customers love their RAM Vehicle Tracking system.

  1. Customer service

Many of customers comment on the level of service they have received when ordering, installing and being trained to use their vehicle tracking system. On average, we have scored 4.9/5 for customer service. We have a dedicated customer success team, which consists of installations, customer training and technical support. We have also taken part in the IIC (Investor in Customers) survey for the second time, to monitor customers, previous customers and staff experience. We have recently been awarded for Outstanding customer service from the IIC.

“RAM Tracking’s customer service was excellent, and the system has given us access to our whole fleet.”

Janet King, Fleet Administrator, Rinus Roofing Supplies Ltd

  1. Intelligent and powerful information

The RAM system has a number of useful reports, including; speed, private mileage, idling, green, and many more. This is one of the best features about RAM’s vehicle tracking, as these reports can be stored for up to 3 years. Many companies use our reports as electronic time sheets. Billing disputes can be easily solved, as you have complete visibility of your driver’s arrival and departure times. It allows you to spot trends with drivers, keep track of fuel consumption and most importantly, save money!

“I wanted to keep track of our times on and off site to validate working hours and ensure accurate billing. RAM’s numerous reporting functions give me all the information I need in a simple format, meaning my lads get paid fairly and that no one is short changed.”

John Oliver, Manager, NML Contracts Ltd

  1. Easy and super customer-friendly to use

Most of our customers comment on how easy the vehicle tracking system is to use. We offer free, unlimited training to any number of staff members; so everyone has the opportunity to get the most out of the system. We have also launched monthly training emails, which feature 2 minute videos which provide useful hints and tips; meaning you can maximise all the system has to offer.

“After having a demonstration, we realised how easy the system was to use, and could quickly see all the returns the business would get with implementing the system.”

Mark Parkin, Director, Tiger Scaffolding

  1. Saving money

On average, our customers are saving £71* per vehicle, per week with the RAM system. Using key reports to help them manage their fleets more effectively,such as; idling, speeding and private mileage can save you money on fuel and the wear and tear on the vehicles. They allow you to monitor driving styles and trends.

“Thanks to RAM, we’ve increased our overall productivity and reduced our fuel consumption, resulting in a £2000 a month saving!”

Darren Pratt, Sales Director, Alternative Windows

  1. Giving you 100% visibility and complete control

Vehicle tracking allows you to view your whole fleet at the click of a button. You can see when they leave their homes, to when they reach a job, and everything in between! We have had some customers mention that some of their employees have lied about their whereabouts; with the RAM system in place, this is a thing of the past. You can give your customers accurate ETAs, as well as direct drivers to the nearest job.

“RAM has enabled us to improve the service we provide to our customers. We’ve reduced our communication costs, as at the click of a button we can give an accurate ETA. And our timely responses have enhanced our professionalism.”

Barry Proctor, Director, Barry Proctor Services Ltd

You can read more of our customer success stories, or find out for yourself and book a web demonstration.

*data taken from RAM’s “Do The Maths” calculator.


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